A fifth robocall fraud lawsuit has been filed against Family First Life.

Plaintiff Robert Salomon filed suit against FFL in Connecticut on March 20th.

In his class-action Complaint, Salomon alleges that “First Family Life [sic] makes telemarketing calls to individuals on the National Do Not Call Registry.”

Salomon claims Family First Life contacted him on a non-commercial, personal residential number, purportedly “listed on the National Do Not Call Registry since November 2022.”

Despite never being a Family First Life customer or consenting to receive calls from them, Salomon alleges FFL placed two telemarketing calls on his number on January 19th, 2023.

Both calls followed a similar script, which advertised that they were calling for Family First.

They asked the Plaintiff what his age was and if he was looking for insurance.

The Plaintiff was not and terminated the call.

Despite this, the Plaintiff got the same call about an hour later.

During the second call, the Plaintiff got the name of the Defendant’s employee that she was talking to, which was Ashley Pennymen.

Ashley Pennymen doesn’t have a digital footprint, suggesting it might be a pseudonym.

Salomon claims FFL’s unsolicited calls caused him “aggravation, nuisance and invasions of privacy”.

Citing violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, Salomon seeks to represent a class of members who have also received unsolicited telemarketing calls from Family First Life.

Plaintiff and all members of the Classes have been harmed by the acts of Defendant, including, but not limited to, the invasion of their privacy, annoyance, waste of time, the use of their telephone power and network bandwidth, and the intrusion on their telephone that occupied it from receiving legitimate communications.

If granted, Salomon’s proposed class action seeks an injunction against FFL, prohibiting further contacting of numbers on the Do Not Call Registry.

Damages of $500 for each individual violation is also being sought ($1500 per “knowing or willful violation).

Family First Life filed its answer to Salomon’s Complaint on June 12th.

A June 16th scheduling order has set a June 24th, 2024 deadline for a class certification filing.

Of the five recent robocall fraud lawsuits filed against Family First Life and parent company Integrity Marketing Group, two have been settled (case 1 and case 2).

The third and fourth cases, filed by Plaintiffs Mark Dobronski and Aaron Rapp respectively, are still playing out.


Update 21st October 2023 – Robert Salomon and Family First Life filed a Stipulation of Dismissal Without Prejudice on October 11th.

This suggests a settlement between the parties was reached. Unfortunately details of the settlement are not public.


Update 8th March 2024 – Following several delays, a decision without oral argument was made on various Motions to Dismiss on January 19th, 2024.

The filed Report and Recommendations both granted and denied in part various motions. Objections have been filed, with decisions pending.

Given the number of orders issued and objection filings, I’ll continue to monitor the docket till a clearer picture of the status of Dobronski’s case emerges.