Following the collapse of its Ponzi scheme, Exp Asset continues to string investors along.

The latest is a fourteen-day deadline for affiliate refunds.

Exp Asset made its latest announcement yesterday via Facebook.

According to the company’s update, a series of “tests” need to be run.

The tests will last for a maximum of 14 days. If the user confirms the correctness of his data, he will immediately be able to withdraw funds.

In the alternative, Exp Asset suggests affiliates will be able to obtain tokens through Dicoin Trading or a “gambling company”.

Dicoin Trading appears to be an attempted reboot of Exp Asset. No information about the gambling company has been made public.

Meanwhile the referenced tests are part of Exp Asset’s collapse ruse.

Instead of admitting they ran out of money, Exp Asset maintains its database was hacked.

The company has thus far failed to address why it didn’t have backups or why they haven’t gone to police.

On that note, while Exp Asset does advise its affiliates to contact authorities;

If anyone thinks that someone’s goal is to deceive him, then you can report this situation to the police.

It cautions that by doing so investor funds will be held hostage;

If any law enforcement authorities seize the servers, then no one will be able to recover the database, because it will be physically impossible.

Previously Exp Asset CEO Patryk Krupinksi had advised affiliates refunds would start this past Monday.

Krupinski has since deleted his Facebook profile. Other social media accounts belonging to Krupinski are still online but appear abandoned.

Krupinski is believed to have spent a significant portion of invested Exp Asset funds on pursuing a racing career:

Fourteen days from Exp Asset’s August 27th announcement puts us at September 10th.

Of the three hundred and sixty comments left by investors on their latest Facebook announcement, Exp Asset has deleted just under half.

Stay tuned…


Update 30th August 2019 – Exp Asset is claiming investment refunds have started.

For every affiliate stating they’ve received a refund though, there seems to be just as many complaining about having not received anything.