Exer Global has threatened investors who don’t reinvest or recruit with termination.

In an email sent out to investors earlier this week, Exer Global stated:

You have all bought ViRiDi in the hope that these would increase in value. But it turns out that many of you did not understand that Exer was – and is – an MLM/Network company.

This means if you have to work as a networker, or join an advertising campaign (passive income).

In order not to create difficulties and weigh down the company (which has happened so far with all passive members), all members should therefore network or join advertising campaigns.

Broken down, “network” refers to recruitment of investors and “join(ing) advertising campaigns” is new investment.

If Exer Global affiliates don’t comply;

What you want to do is entirely up to you, but we recommend that you start either networking or joining the campaign.

If you do none of the above, you have 2 choices.

1. If you are not an active (you were flagged as inactive on 20230731) member (become a member again) on September 8, your account will be closed.

Which means that everything in the account goes back to the company that offered the product.

Everything according to the agreements, laws and regulations that apply according to Policies and Procedures.

2. Buy the training cryptoschool where MEMBERSHIP is included (the account is opened again) and then follow the rules in exer.

Crypto School looks to be your typical MLM crypto education platform.

Exer Global began in late 2017 as Exer VIP Club, an MLM crypto Ponzi built around its Viridi Coin.

Exer VIP Club affiliates invested in Viridi Coin on the promise of a “guaranteed” 300% ROI over 36 months.

BehindMLM reviewed Exer VIP Club in April 2018. Since then the original Ponzi scheme seems to have collapsed, prompting an Exer Global reboot.

In addition to Crypto School, Exer Global’s website pitches an unregistered gambling platform. There’s also an unregistered sports betting platform, through which Exer Global pitches a €4.8 million EUR return on a €100 EUR investment.

How can 100 Euro become over 4,8 million Euro?

You buy your CFD before the first round. Your CFD is worth 1,000 Euro but you only pay 100 Euro.

This means that you only risk your 10 percent, but any profit is calculated on 100 percent.

Your CFD in this example applies to the English Premier League, where the series is played in 38 rounds. You are 25 percent above the Site Index by an average when the last round is finished.

A few other CFDs are above the index. Your CFD expires, so what can its potential value be?

100 euros after 38 rounds is worth just over 4,8 million euro!

Last year Aftonbladet published an article on widespread Viridi Coin losses in Sweden.

Thousands of Swedes have invested money in the crashed cryptocurrency viridicoin. Municipal employee Eva invested half a million – which is now gone.

I feel so incredibly stupid, she says.

Exer Global frontman Dennies Pettersson (right) is quoted as stating Exer Global, which commits securities fraud and operates illegally, is “a network company whose operations are well within the law’s guidelines.”

Exer Global victims claim that

People who are critical are kicked out. It’s like a cult.

Anyone who writes something negative about Dennies or the business in general on Facebook is persecuted by those who are most loyal.

When asked by Aftonbladet, Pettersson claims Exer Global “does not prohibit criticism”.

A “number of reports” have purportedly been filed with Swedish police but, to date, they have failed to take action.