EnviFX and Automated Capital are imploding, following a 70%+ investor wipeout over the past week.

Reports of EnviFX and Automated Capital collapsing began to trickle in yesterday.

Initially losses were pegged at 30%. Over the next 24 hours however they have since grown to a 70%+ across the board wipeout.

From what I’ve seen there’s a large sentiment of EnviFX AC investors looking to pull their money out.  EnviFX and AC restrict withdrawals to once a week on Sunday.

Considering there will likely be a withdrawal bloodbath tomorrow, whether EnviFX and AC allow withdrawals this week remains to be seen.

Addressing panicked investors on Automated Capital’s official Telegram group, Kyle Cole stated on Friday;

We have shut off all algos expect [sic] for EURUSD.

Gold and GU are currently turned off and manually closed all trades on these pairs.

I would personally like to apologize to everyone because a lot of people trust our system – and I know our system works great.

If you wish to continue here at Automated Capital – that’s your decision – we will make it back – yes this will take time and patience and I do understand that a lot of people aren’t very happy.

We’re making HUGE changes to the system and for now we’re letting EU run only until our programmer looks at everything on the back end.

We will be giving another update very soon as well.

It’ll take some time to recover be WE WILL RECOVER from this.

Later in the day Cole advised investors that “all trades are closed”.

AC launched on EnviFX’s platform a few months ago. The system was created and operated by Kyle Cole (right) and Hendry J Agus, US and Canadian residents respectively.

Agus promised Automated Capital investors “20 to 30% monthly” returns:

Earlier this month Agus deleted his Automated Capital marketing and cashed out.

BehindMLM warned consumers about EnviFX and Automated Capital on August 1st.

As usual, the only people who’ve made money are EnviFX, Automated Capital’s founders, early investors and top recruiters.

Pending regulatory intervention by the SEC and/or CFTC, total EnviFX and AC investor losses remain unknown.