On paper EazyBot is run by founder and CEO Mohammed Omer Ali.

Prior to EazyBot Ali was an unknown in MLM crypto circles. Before reinventing himself as a crypto bro, Ali worked in the elevator and escalator installation industry.

Ali is based out of and runs EazyBot from Dubai, the MLM crime capital of the world.

SimilarWeb currently tracks top sources of traffic to EazyBot as the US 23%, Russia (12%) and Germany, Ukraine and Canada (all ~8%).

Turns out while Ali is an unknown, we have a team of US-based serial Ponzi promoters behind EazyBot.

Today we examine the links between EazyBot and 10X Crypto Traders. As well as ringleaders David Charles, Vineet Chhabra, Ken Chickk and Peter Antony.

BehindMLM first came across 10X Crypto Traders as part of our May 2021 Matt Bot AI review.

Matt Bot AI was a 10% to 30% a month crypto bot Ponzi scheme.

While Matt AI Bot is believed to have been run by scammers operating out of south-east Asia, it had a sizable US investor base.

In BehindMLM’s Matt Bot AI review we noted 10X Crypto Traders was behind recruitment of US-based Matt Bot AI investors.

Between May and November we had the usual mob of angry scammers denying Matt Bot AI was a Ponzi scheme.

By early 2022 Matt Bot AI is believed to have collapsed. By Q2 2022 you had only Indian Matt Bot AI promoters left, desperately trying to recruit anyone they could.

Matt Bot AI finally went offline on or around late May or early June 2022.

EazyBot’s website domain was registered towards the end of December 2021. EazyBot then went into prelaunch in early 2022, going on to launch in March 2022.

10X Crypto Traders is headed up by David D. Charles, aka Dawoud Louis-Charles.

10X Crypto Traders is incorporated in Florida as “10X Crypto Traders LLC”. Lisa Louis-Charles and Dawoud Louis-Charles are listed as the company’s managers.

Charles, who himself is a US citizen based out of Florida, fronts EazyBot marketing videos:

Charles is EazyBot’s Chief Operating Officer, and he was present in Dubai at EazyBot’s February 27th 2022 launch event:

As the owner of 10X Crypto Traders, Charles is believed to be the primary beneficiary of US investors recruited into Matt Bot AI.

Next up we have Vineet Chhabra, aka Vincent Chhabra and Vaneet Kumar Chhabra.

Chhabra is EazyBot’s Chief Marketing Officer.

At EazyBot’s Feb 2022 prelaunch event, Chhabtra stated;

I am the national country leader of India. And my job is to promote EazyBot in India and get everybody in India using EazyBot to generate passive income.

Chhabra promoted Matt AI Bot through 10X Crypto Traders:

Chhabra, also a resident of Florida, has an interesting past.

In 2004 Chhabra pled guilty to guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance. Chhabra was part of a network of a $125 million network of illegal pill factories.

As reported by the Washington Post, Chhabra

started his businesses in Ohio, moved them to Virginia when Ohio medical board officials expressed concerns about their legality and then moved them again to Florida when state officials in Virginia raised similar concerns.

After entering in his guilty plea, Chhabra was sentenced to 33 months in prison.

The FTC also went after Chhabra and his companies Dynamic Health and Chhabra Group in 2004.

Respondents have advertised, labeled, offered for sale, sold, and distributed products to the public, including Pedia Loss, a weight loss supplement, and Fabulously Feminine, a female sexual enhancement supplement.

An investigation by the FTC determined Chhabra had marketed Pedia Loss and Fabulously Feminine via “false and misleading claims”.

Chhabra settled the FTC’s allegations in 2006.

In 2011 Chhabra was implicated in a puppy mill scam.

One of Chhabra’s victims told NBC Miami that, after paying over $2000 to one of Chhabra’s companies, she received an animal that looked

nothing like the dog she saw online, and arrived in California near death acting strangely, infested with worms, ear mites, parasites, and bogus papers.

Another victim claimed to receive a dog “near death, comatose with open wounds, mites, and a freakish demeanor.”

Last Chance for Animals, a local animal welfare group who independently investigated Chhabra, claims he started the business from prison.

When confronted,

Chhabra’s company lawyer said Chhabra helps run the company that his father founded.

Their main website, breeders direct.com, has shut down and changed it’s name. Critics say when websites attract complaints online, they simply re-open under a new name.

Around the same time Chhabra was also offering fake accreditations through “imposter schools” in the US and UAE.

This prompted a lawsuit filed in Florida in 2020, naming Chhabra as a defendant.

It was also discovered that Defendants … were in close association with Defendant Vincent Chhabra, and that Defendants were operating various imposter school websites and companies as diploma and “drop-out mills”, and funnelling money to establish several other business with convicted felons.

Conduct in the civil Compliant spans 2009 to 2020. As of late August 2022, that case is still active.

In November 2020 Vincent Chhabra, Michael Chhabra and Sushma Chhabra, were named Defendants in a lawsuit filed by 160 female Plaintiffs.

Plaintiffs are 160 women who were implanted with pelvic mesh products to treat stress-urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse who were defrauded by Defendants through an elaborate conspiracy in which Plaintiffs

  • were coerced and frightened into having invasive surgeries to remove their pelvic mesh products regardless of Plaintiffs’ medical condition;
  • were instructed that Plaintiffs’ health insurance could not be used to cover the costs of the surgeries;
  • were charged exorbitant amounts for the surgeries which far exceeded the reasonable cost for the surgeries; and
  • were duped into taking out loans with usurious interest rates to cover the costs of these surgeries.

Defendant legal marketing firm … obtained Plaintiff’s personal contact information and medical records … through an unlawful data breach.

Chhabra is named as non-attorney members in a number of firms, alleged to have received the allegedly illegally obtained medical records and fed them to “surgical facilitator defendants”.

As of August 2022, the case against Chhabra remains active.

I don’t know what else Chhabra might have got up to, but it seems that sometime in the last few years he’s migrated to MLM crypto securities fraud.

Ken Chickk styles himself as “Coach Ken”.

Chickk, a US citizen and resident of Florida, is EazyBot’s Global Sales Director.

Chickk promoted Matt Bot AI and had a direct connection to Matt Bot AI’s south-east Asian owners:

Peter Antony EazyBot’s Chief Support Officer.

Antony differs from the other ringleaders in that he’s from Canada.

I wasn’t able to 100% confirm Antony was part of 10X Crypto Traders and promoting Matt Bot AI.

The closest I got was someone going by “Peter” holding Matt AI Bot training webinars, alongside Ken Chickk.

As EazyBot’s February 2022 prelaunch event, Antony strongly implied he’d rode Matt Bot AI out with the rest of the 10X Crypto Traders group;

Over the last year we’ve been through different projects and one of the challenges was customer support. And everybody faced that issue, and we have no communication with the people that created the bot.

I believe the “bot” Antony refers to is Matt Bot AI.

Putting all of this together, we have a group of scammers fronted by David Charles.

Through Charles’ 10X Crypto Traders group, all but one of EazyBot’s corporate team were primary beneficiaries of recruitment of US investors into Matt Bot AI.

Bar Peter Antony, who is based out of Canada, Charles’ 10X Crypto Trader executive team, now mostly running EazyBot, are all based out of Florida in the US.

I don’t know what the connection between Mohammed Omer Ali and David Charles is, but it’s otherwise pretty obvious that EazyBot is a reboot of Matt Bott AI.

Charles’ group of 10X Crypto Traders scammers bailed on Matt Bot AI as it began to collapse in late 2021. 10X Crypto Traders’ official FaceBook page was abandoned in November 2021.

By the end of December 2021 EazyBot’s website domain was in place, and two months later EazyBot went into prelaunch.

10X Crypto Traders’ Matt Bot AI victims were left to fend for themselves.

Now with EazyBot, the same process is playing out again – except this time Charles and the 10X Crypto Traders scammers are in charge.

David Charles, speaking at EazyBot’s Feb 2022 prelaunch event in UAE: The reason that we’re all here isn’t just happenstance.

There’s a genuine, honest journey that comes through everyone here wanting to serve a community of people and (are) looking for a better solution than the one we had.

And that’s where we are today. Like I said earlier, Mohammed didn’t wake up one day and just decide, “Let me build a bot.”

Host: You guys pushed him towards it right? The (Matt Bot AI) investors actually kind of pushed him towards it.

Charles: Absolutely, after it was clear that there was a need for a better solution.

Bearing in mind that 23% of traffic to EazyBot’s website is attributed to the US, SimilarWeb tracked 415,000+ visits to EazyBot’s website in August 2022.

EazyBot is your typical MLM crypto securities fraud scheme.

Investors sign up, pay optional fees in tether, invest funds under a centrally controlled crypto trading bot, and pay fees in returns.

EazyBot collects and charges fees in tether. ROI fees top 30% for investors who don’t pay annual EazyBot membership fees.

Despite offering a passive investment opportunity through EazyBot, neither EazyBot itself, David Charles, Vineet Chhabra, Ken Chickk, Peter Antony or Mohammed Omer Ali are registered with the SEC.