do-nothing-downline-club-logoThe principle of the Do Nothing Downline Club is simple:

Do Absolutely NOTHING and make money starting today!

Despite the obvious eyebrow raising skepticism this statement naturally evokes, the owner(s) of the Do Nothing Downline Club market their MLM opportunity by signing up, doing nothing and then just watch the income roll in.

After stating this, then they go ahead and tell you what you actually have to do:

You can Make Money Right away!! We have many different ways you can make money. Get Paid Fast!

Earn by Referring Other Members(Free Members Also)

Earn By Completing Tasks, Offers and Clicks

Earn By Spillover and Our Infinity Matrix

Earn From Our Chosen Program

Now I don’t about you, but that certainly doesn’t sound like “doing nothing” to me. So what’s the deal here?

Read on for a full review of the Do Nothing Downline Club MLM opportunity.

The Company

Not surprisingly, when you’re running a company you claim members can just join, do nothing and earn an income from – you probably don’t want people knowing who you are.

The domain ‘’ was registered on the 24th July 2011 and lists the following LLC as registrant;


Tech Road 309 South

Pasadena, California 91104

United States

Given that the domain was registered in July, one would think whoever is behind DNDC LLC would have had ample time to register the company.

A quick business search over at the State of California’s website however, reveals that no such LLC exists (make sure you check the ‘Limited Liability Company’ option when searching for either ‘DNDC’ or ‘Do Nothing Downline Club’.

Given this, I’m tempted to say this LLC doesn’t even exist.

Despite the domain registration pointing at a California address for DNDC LLC, the Do Nothing Downline Club Terms and Conditions go on to state that

14. This agreement is governed by the laws of Arizona.

A quick check on the Arizona Corporation Commision also reveals that there is no DNDC LLC registered in Airzona either.

Furthermore, the admins of the Do Nothing Downline Club state on the website that their

company is comprised of several Admins in various fields.  We have put together a great team that is designed to help you succeed.

We have a combined 87 years in MLM and online businesses.  You can be assured you are in good hands and we are here to stay.

Sorry guys, not good enough.

As always, if a MLM opportunity is not upfront about who is running things there’s usually a dodgy reason behind it.

Approach any MLM opportunity with extreme caution if they are hiding who owns the business and is running things.

The Do Nothing Downline Club Product Line

The Do Nothing Downline Club has no tangible products or services to sell at a retail level. Instead, membership the company is marketed by the club’s members (of which there is currently a free and paid option).

The Do Nothing Downline Club even admit this in their terms and condititions;

3. I agree that as a DNDC Member, I shall place primary emphasis upon the sale of the membership product.

Membership is not a product in itself.

The Do Nothing Downline Club Compensation Plan

The Do Nothing Downline Club Compensation Plan offers members commissions via

  • the completion of ‘offers, clicks and tasks’
  • recruitment commissions
  • matrix commissions

Here’s a rundown of each of the three income streams:

Offers, clicks and tasks

The Do Nothing Downline Club currently claims to have ‘ver 4,700 offers, clicks and tasks for most members to complete’ but doesn’t actually say what any of them are.

The company also doesn’t provide any specifics other than

 These offers are unlike those found at other PTC sites

With PTC standing for ‘paid to click’, one can assume this is some kind of gaming of advertising networks (paying you to click on ads) or some other such nonsense.

Whatever the exact nature of their offers, clicks and tasks are, there’s a reason the Do Nothing Downline Club aren’t upfront and specific about what it is they want you to do.

That’s because it’s probably dodgy, otherwise why wouldn’t they just be honest about it. For example, this tidbit from the Do Nothing Downline Club website,

We pay you to refer your friends, associates or just to place ads,

indicates that there’s some sort of daily spam-the-internet requirement in order for members to get paid.

The Do Nothing Downline Club claim the maximum weekly income from their offers, tasks and clicks is $100. Additionally the company also offers a matching bonus on the offers, tasks and clicks income of the members you’ve directly recruited too –

  • 10% if you recruit 1 member
  • 25% if you recruit 10 members
  • 50% if you 100 members

Recruitment Commissions

Along with making you complete pointless tasks to get paid, the Do Nothing Downline Club also offer direct recruitment commissions. These commissions are paid out to existing members upon the successful recruitment of new members to the company.

Available only to Founder (paid) members, the Do Nothing Downline Club pays 10cents – $1 for each free member and $10 per founder member recruited.

Matrix Commissions

The Do Nothing Downline Club offer matrix commissions via a 2 x infinity matrix.

This matrix starts with you at the top, branches out into two legs and then again each of these legs sprouts two new legs and so on and so forth.

For each member you have in your matrix, the Do Nothing Downline Club pay you a monthly commissions.

Free members earn 50 cents per founder (paid) member in their matrix (nothing for recruiting free members) each month.

Founder (paid) members earn 10 cents per free member and $1 per founder (paid) member in their matrix each month.

Joining the Do Nothing Downline Club

There are currently two membership options available to those wishing to join the Do Nothing Downline Club.

Free membership is free whilst Founder membership costs $49 (one-time).


Not surprisingly, the Do Nothing Downline Club does actually require you to do something – but on the technicality that you can join, do nothing and earn money from the recruitment efforts of others in your matrix (building your downline), the club’s name does have some truth to it.

Of course the reality is that if everybody did this there’d be no spillover, so practically speaking – the idea that you can join, do nothing and earn profit is a load of hogwash.

Apart from being run by anonymous owners being a big red flag, the fact that the Do Nothing Downline Club are coy about what their offers, clicks and tasks are.

The company thus far has mentioned placing advertisements, ad credits and unlimited downloads but doesn’t go into specifics. If I had to take a punt, I’d say they pay members to spam the internet, offer some kind of download e-book library to paid members.

All ultimately a waste of time and there have been numerous companies before the Do Nothing Downline Club who have dedicated themselves to turning a decent profit in these areas and failed. You’ll get paid cents sure, but nothing that’s worth your time invested to do the tasks provided.

That leaves the $49 membership fee and recruitment commissions – which, as can clearly be seen by the higher commissions paid out to paid members (free members don’t contribute to the commission pool unless they recruit paid members), is nothing more than the redistribution of membership fees as commissions to existing members.

Finally something I haven’t touched upon is the mention by the Do Nothing Downline Club that they

will build a team of web entrepreneurs to propel our members into a chosen opportunity that will be mutually beneficial to all.

Recruitment commissions, digital downloads, spam requirements… quite possible all we’re looking at here is an email builder for the unnamed admins to build a downline to join an opportunity they are already involved in, or plan to join when the Do Nothing Downline Club gets big enough.

Quite the elaborate way to build a downline to bring with you into a new MLM opportunity but keep in mind nobody ever got rich following anonymous leaders from one MLM opportunity to another.

The only people who are going to make any money with the Do Nothing Downline Club are those that manage to convince large amounts of people to part with $49, and the anonymous admins.