Following on from a comment left on Direct Cellars review a few days ago, it appears the company has collapsed.

As I write this Direct Cellars’ website is still online. There’s no mention of a shutdown on the company’s website or official blog.

Direct Cellars’ official Facebook page appears to have been deleted. Their Twitter account is still up but hasn’t been updated since October 10th.

After requesting further details on Direct Cellar’s shutdown, BehindMLM reader ScamBuster” pointed me to a Facebook post by Sherry Leasure.

Leasure claims to have a Direct Cellars downline of over 10,000 distributors.

According to Leasure, Direct Cellars shut down on or around October 13th.

Direct cellars has decided to shut down the network and cease the direct selling operations, and has terminated all reps agreements.

Given Direct Cellars website is still online, this suggests the company is cutting off distributors but keeping their customers.

Sounds shady but then again, if Direct Cellars was a thriving MLM company with a ton of retail customers – why would they shut down?

In our Based on our 2016 Direct Cellars we pointed out

the opportunity as a whole seems very much geared to signing up as a Direct Cellars affiliate, paying $79.95 a month and recruiting others who do the same.

Sounds like that’s pretty much all that was going on.

Whether Direct Cellears distributors knew what was coming is unclear. Leasure’s post makes it sound like everyone was terminated without notice.

Five months ago however Leasure began promoting iGalen.

Bit of a strange move for someone boasting about sitting on top of a 10,000 strong distributor team.

Ironically, iGalen’s autoship starts at $79.95 a month and affiliate recruitment is the focus of their compensation plan too.