digadz-logoTypically when a Ponzi scheme goes bust we see the collapse blamed on hacking, DDOS, a relative of the admin’s death etc.

Of late blaming the affiliate investors themselves has also emerged as a popular scapegoat.

Can’t say I’ve ever heard of admin paralysis though…

In an email recently sent out to DigAdz investors, Marius Pedersen wrote

Dear valued members,

I have a very sad message today.

Our admin Beejay is seriously injured and whole body is paralyzed. I got this sms from his wife today after trying to contact him every day for many weeks.

She tells us that he can move one finger and can speak a little but cannot write.

She forbid him to work and my guess is that he will be back, but not soon. She is going to inform his business staff tomorrow.

Right… she forbade him from working, the poor bugger.

For those unfamiliar with the scam, Pedersen was pretty much the face of DigAdz, with someone called “Beejay” purportedly operating it from behind the scenes.

It’s believed Pedersen and Beejay were working closely together.

This explains his absence and I am really devestated and depressed about this news. His dream with Digadz is met by thousands of members shouting scam and bad admin.

I am sure his genuine intention was to re-program Digadz (and also his former program AdBonuz).

I know he collapsed after many sleepless weeks and he told me he started to get problems with his eyes and his doctor recommended him to stay away the computer.

I feel also a little relief that I know he is alive and he will come back to us someday. But now lets respect his family and let them peace for recovery.

And that is the bitter pill DigAdz investors are being told to swallow.

This explains also why he was away in recovery in a peaceful province without reach.

My wish is that everyone still support his project Digadz, so when he is coming back, his business is better than ever, and not collapsed due to impatient and greedy members.

I feel so sad very right now. Thanks for reading.


Research reveals that shortly after launch, DigAdz lasted a few months before the inevitable payout problems began.

Seeing as DigAdz was the successor to the failed scheme AdBonuz, that it lasted nowhere near as long was to be expected.

BehindMLM first reviewed DigAdz back in December of 2014.

Investor reactions to the confirmation of the collapse have been mixed.

Adbonuz never did come back like he promised us it would. I have had it up too my ears with how these revenue sharing sites work.

You build BAPS-ZAPS-WADS all for what?

You keep getting more points to try earn more and poof all up in smoke before you ever get the BEP! I am done with this type site, to many of them anymore and the same process keeps occurring.

Scammer? Guess you’re just another disgruntled non-member that failed to see the possibility and instead sat by and watched while THOUSANDS of us won with DigAdz!

So we missed a day of Paid Ads, oh well. Almost 5 months online, and my ROI since launch (which I WAS a part of) has averaged about 1.20%.

Not withstanding the DigAdz appears to have attracted some well-experienced scammers. One even explained that they are perfectly comfortable with stealing from unsuspecting victims through schemes like DigAdz.

We all know that for some to earn money in these games some must lose money in these games.

WE KNOW THIS and Except the risks!

The ones who lose are usually the noobs. I think of this as the price of admission.

If you lose and LEARN you will eventually learn to play smarter and become the winner. The noobs that came after you replace you.

This cycle has never been broken!

My take?

Beejay and Pedersen have done a runner with everyone’s money. After those funds run out (and Beejay has miraculously recovered), you’ll probably see them return with a new scam.

Round and round we go…