CryptoFamily’s NFT grift, launched after their initial Ponzi collapsed, is branded as “OurFamily”.

OurFamily launched on a new domain, registered on November 20th, and its website includes nauseating “family” references.

My issue with OurFamily’s “family” marketing isn’t the marketing itself, it’s that it’s being used to promote a collapsed Ponzi scheme.

We prioritize family values, creating financial solutions that foster trust, safety and freedom among family members.

CryptoFamily’s original Ponzi scheme was built around NFT investment positions. These positions paid out 8.33% a day for 90 days.

Launched in mid 2022, CryptoFamily’s original Ponzi collapsed on or around June 2023.

In September 2023 BehindMLM reported on a reboot, another NFT Ponzi grift and Family Token (FT) staking.

This time around OurFamily is going with a “renting NFT” ruse.

Earn daily passive rewards with our revolutionary FamilyNFT rental. Rent one or more FamilyNFTs and potentially earn up to $2 of rewards per rented NFT.

You can earn 2.08% daily, on autopilot.

How renting an NFT generates “up to $2” a day isn’t clarified.

The minimum rental package is the FamilyNFT, with a cost of $24 for a 90-day cycle, with potential daily rewards of $2.

FamilyNFT rewards are divided equally into four Cubes, with each Cube receiving $0.50.

Our rewards are stored in a highly secured digital wallet and are redeemed as per the withdrawal protocols and Cube’s Game Rules.

That’s because nobody is “renting” anything. OurFamily is the same Ponzi scheme, hiding fraud behind “cube game” terminology.

Family Token staking is pretty much the same as it was in CryptoFamily. FT is both useless and worthless, so why investors would want more of them is a mystery.

More Ponzi tokens you can’t cash out? Yes please.

Noticeably absent on OurFamily’s website is anything about owner Nebojsa Katic.

Katic, believed to be a Croatian national who fled to Dubai, began his MLM career with Organo Gold and the Lyoness Ponzi scheme.

Circa 2019 Katic was promoting Essens. His Crypto Family bio stated Katic reinvented himself as a crypto bro in 2014.

Katic gained traction by building a significant Ultron Ponzi downline. This downline went on to become the foundation of the original Crypto Family Ponzi.

Katic’s status following Crypto Family’s collapse remains unclear.