commhubb-logoTrying to game the word’s largest advertising network isn’t going to get you far, as the owners of CommHubb recently found out.

In an announcement posted on the CommHubb website a few days ago, the company advises it has collapsed.

In late August CommHubb advised Adsense had suspended the company’s account.

Through their compensation plan, CommHubb planned to share advertising revenue with its affiliates.

Not surprisingly this triggered a “low quality” traffic filter with Adsense, which resulted in CommHubb’s account being flagged and then terminated.

CommHubb initially tried to sell their own advertising and/or register for other ad networks, but conceded

NONE ARE EVEN REMOTELY CLOSE. We would make 1/10th what we made with Adsense and we would not survive more than another few days.

There is NOTHING out there even close so save your time trying to look.

As per Adsense’s policies, it is strictly forbidden to¬†encourage website visitors to click on ads.

That sharing advertising revenue on a site whose only visitors are the people who stand to make money would violate this policy appears to be lost on CommHubb’s owners. They maintain Adsense terminated CommHubb’s account “without cause”.

Google Adsense is directly responsible so if you want to vent and scream at someone then scream at them.

If you want to start a class action lawsuit against Google then I am all for that.

Suing Adsense for maintaining the integrity of their ad network? Yeah, good luck with that.