BLQ Football has collapsed, and most investors don’t even know it yet.

BehindMLM started receiving reports of disabled withdrawals in late September.

Over the past few weeks reports of disabled withdrawals and BLQ Football accounts being locked has become widespread.

From October BLQ Football has been delaying the selective withdrawal requests it is letting through.

Investors who aren’t blocked are being shown the following warning when they put in a withdrawal request:

Due to the large number of customers making withdrawals each day, your withdrawal order will be completed within (1-72) hours to ensure that each payment reaches your account.

Scammers recruiting new victims into BLQ Football don’t seem to be having any withdrawal issues.

In what appears to be an attempt to stop investors from complaining and spreading awareness of withdrawal problems, a fake SEC signed legal letter began doing the rounds on October 1st (click to enlarge screenshot to the right):

The BLQ Group headquarters has sent a team of professional lawyers to Uganda to investigate and take legal action against people making unwanted defamatory attacks against the company.

Recently, there are unknown people in major platforms and media making a lot of noise about the imminent closure of BLQ, and articles containing false information.

The above-mentioned content has been continuously forwarded and disseminated, which has caused bad influence on BLQ charity, and has caused great damage to its image of people-orientated and charitable purposes accumulated over the years, which has seriously constituted the crime of malicious defamation.

In view of the foregoing, we hereby formally declare on behalf our principal as follows:

  • we request all platforms, media, and individuals to immediately remove all false statements and articles containing distorted facts and slanderous denigration of BLQ charities published or reprinted in response to this matter, so as to remove the negative impact.
  • The public is requested not to comment on, reproduce, disseminate or spread the above and similar undesirable contents by any means or methods.

Putting aside BLQ Football has only been around a few months and has nothing to do with charity, the letter is quite comical.

At the top we have the header for Caesars Entertainment, a US hotel and entertainment company. The letter is signed by Verity Young, with an employment position copied from LinkedIn.

Young is a lawyer in the UK, she has nothing to do with BLQ Football or Ceasars Group.

The icing on the cake is the superimposed US Securities and Exchange Commission stamp over Young’s signature.

Like Young, Ceasars Group and the SEC having nothing to do with BLQ Football. The contents of BLQ Footballs letter is 100% bullshit.

If you’re wondering why they’d even bother putting something like this out and who on Earth would fall for it, here’s your average BLQ Football investor:

BLQ Football is a “click a button” Ponzi run by Chinese scammers.

Interestingly enough, while China was the top source of traffic to BLQ Football’s websites for July and August, traffic from China was blocked sometime in September.

We suspect this is an attempt to dodge the attention of Chinese authorities. As of September 2022, 100% of BLQ Football’s website traffic originates out of Uganda.

Legal threats are becoming common as a “click a button” Ponzi exit-scam predictor.

Last month just before the SunSolar “click a button” Ponzi collapsed, investors in Ghana were told they’d be “sue(d) you to the police station for arrest!” if they didn’t hand over more money.

Like every other “click a button” Ponzis that has collapsed before it, BLQ Football has been running deposit bonuses before the final rug pull:

It’s only a matter of time before word of disabled spreads far enough throughout investors such that recruitment dries up.

When whatever internal threshold is being monitored is met, expect BLQ Football’s websites to disappear without warning.

BLQ Football is known to operate from “”, “”, “” and “”.


Update 13th October 2022 – BLQ Football has pulled its websites offline.