The SunSolar “click a button” app Ponzi has collapsed.

SunSolar affiliates began reporting withdrawal problems a few weeks ago. It appears not every withdrawal was blocked, suggesting SunSolar was being selective about who could withdraw.

SunSolar responded to withdrawal complaints with a message “swearing to Jesus” that withdrawals were still open.

This was followed up a few days later with confirmation the Ponzi had collapsed.

Because many users used our website to carry out illegal activities of money laundering.

As a result, the banking system does not withdraw money from users. Now the National Bank has dealt with it.

Rather than just immediately pull down its website and call it day though, SunSolar tried to extract more money from its investors.

In order for users to provide that they have not participated in the illegal activities of money laundering, everyone needs to recharge a sum of money to prove their innocence.

If it is not processed in time, our company will permanently freeze user funds and sue you to the police station for arrest!

A few days later SunSolar’s websites were pulled offline.

SunSolar primarily targeted investors in Nigeria and Benin.

In August 2022, SimilarWeb tracked almost 4.5 million visits to SunSolar’s website.

This suggests SunSolar’s victims may also number in the millions. Total investor losses remain unknown.

“Click a button” app Ponzis began in late 2021, with dozens of rebrandings launched since.

While “click a button” app Ponzis are often localized to target specific populations, Chinese scammers are believed to be behind the vast majority of them.