Following its collapse a few days ago, BLQ Football has pulled its websites offline.

Exit-scam complete, sorry for your loss.

At time of publication, attempts to access BLQ Football’s many website domains now return a “maintenance” message:

BLQ Football started selectively disabling withdrawals and locking accounts a few weeks ago. Over time the amount of withdrawals and accounts being locked increased, prompting baseless threats to investors.

Within 24 hours of BehindMLM calling BLQ Football’s collapse, the scam initiated the final steps of its exit-scam.

Despite only being around for a few months, BLQ Football held an “anniversary event” on October 11th. The “event” was just an excuse to extract more money from people, promising bonus credit on investor recruitment.

Towards the end of October 11th, BLQ Football addressed withdrawal concerns by initiating a “we got hacked!” exit-scam.

BLQ’s anniversary event was well rewarded. Everyone also actively participated in the event. During the event, many of our staff were also out doing charity work.

However, during this event, we discovered a serious loophole that was exploited and forwarded by unscrupulous individuals, resulting in the theft of nearly 60 billion shillings.

BLQ HQ, has now decided to reject all previous withdrawals! A full audit check will be carried out!

Once the audit is approved, you can withdraw your funds at any time. Our current withdrawals will be automatically credited to your account within 24-48 hours, sorry for any inconvenience caused!

This is of course complete baloney.

On October 12th the Ugandan Lotteries and Gaming Board published a BLQ Football securities fraud warning.

On that same day BLQ Football doubled down on its exit-scam, demanding investors pay a 20% tax on requested withdrawal amounts.

Members who don’t pay the 20% tax today will have their penalty increased to 50% tomorrow.

Please cooperate with relevant departments to pay taxes as soon as possible, and the BLQ platform will return to normal as soon as possible.

On October 13th BLQ Football’s websites went offline.

BLQ Football was a “click a button” Ponzi scheme that purposefully targeted Uganda. Recruitment initially spread to China but was promptly shut down by September.

The “click a button” app-based Ponzi schemes began emerging towards the end of 2021. They mostly target third world countries, where mobile phones are the dominant access point to the internet.

BehindMLM is aware of several similar scams targeting Ugandans; e-Cairo, Dubai Stocks, MetaUI (non-MLM), UG Football and Crown Football.

These are all Ponzi schemes that will end the same way BLQ Football did; with the majority of investors losing money.

BehindMLM reviews on the MLM Ponzi schemes above are pending. In the meantime:

  • do not give any more money to BLQ Football or anyone representing they are part of it
  • nobody can get your money back from BLQ Football, anyone claiming to be able to is trying to double-scam you
  • the money in your BLQ Football backoffice never existed, you were scammed
  • the reason you can’t log in to your BLQ Football account is because it was a Ponzi scheme that has now collapsed
  • anyone luring you into another investment scheme to recover your BLQ Football losses is trying to double-scam you
  • BLQ Football is part of 40+ “click a button” Ponzis launched by Chinese scammers, they aren’t giving you your money back – your best bet is going after whoever recruited you

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