Jojar Dhinsa has publicly denied scamming people through the CashFX Group Ponzi scheme.

As shared by Harry Page from the FaceBook group, “CashFX (in association with EverFX) Scam – Now What!?”, Dhinsa appeared on NTV Unscripted on August 19th.

NTV markets itself as “the leading Bangladeshi TV channel”. It is broadcast locally across the UK and Europe.

Rather than be honest about promoting a Ponzi scheme for profit, Dhinsa denies he scammed anyone.

As far as being arrested for fraud or scamming people, as it says online, they’ve just made things up.

I wish I did scam people so at least there’s some evidence there.

Unfortunately for Dhinsa, it doesn’t take much to find the evidence he claims doesn’t exist.

After denying he scammed anyone, Dhinsa went on to speak about scamming people through CashFX Group;

Two years ago I got involved with a crypto multi-marketing company, CashFX (Group).

Did a bit of research. I thought I was helping them out, I did help them out. Made some money, didn’t really get involved that much.

Now, looking back in hindsight, shouldn’t have got involved. I don’t endorse them. I don’t encourage people to look at them.

But do your own research. Do your own due-diligence. And I did mine … a bit of slap dash approach. Which is wrong, it’s not like me.

Dhinsa doesn’t acknowledge his victims, or that CashFX Group is a Ponzi scheme – through which the only way to make money is to scam people.

Back when he joined CashFX Group in 2020, and was specifically asked about his due-diligence into the Ponzi scheme, Dhinsa sang a very different tune;

So the first thing that everybody does, and that includes me, (is) you go online and Google it, and there was a load of stuff about CFX. The fraud alert(s), this that and the other.

But then you gotta take a step back and (you) gotta analyze who is saying those things. Right?

Wrong. Your MLM due-diligence into CashFX Group begins and ends with “this is a Ponzi scheme that has received fraud alerts from all around the world”.

It doesn’t matter who tells you this, because you can verify and confirm the information yourself.

But of course again, this is back when Dhina saw there was money to steal;

And they look at the posts and there were people saying, y’know, it’s a scam, it’s this, a Ponzi scheme, it’s a pyramid scheme.

Well, surprise, surprise, every organization on the planet is a pyramid, including my own.

This is a common deflection scammers in pyramid schemes use. It’s typically based on a CEO sitting at the top of a pyramid shape diagram of management and employees.

I sit at the top. I’ve got a Board of Directors, management team, HR, HOD, sales guys, sales reps. So every organization, including the Royal Family here, even our British Army, is a pyramid scheme. So that’s not an issue.

The analogy fails because it’s the flow of money within a pyramid scheme, and how the money is generated, that makes it illegal.

With respect to CashFX Group, nothing is marketed or sold to retail customers. Thus the MLM side of CashFX Group very much operates as a pyramid scheme (commissions are paid on recruitment of new investors, which are funnelled upline to recruiters and the company’s owners).

For me, the question that I asked myself, was “is it a Ponzi scheme?”, and “How do I make sure it’s not a Ponzi scheme?”

Cuz I read the reviews of it’s a Ponzi scheme. Y’know, you don’t make money out of Ponzi schemes and yada yada yada.

So I looked at the reviews. I gave it internally to my guys to look at internally. Then I made a decision to speak to somebody in Panama, who’s probably in one of the richest families in Panama.

And I said to Niko, “Would you mind going to the offices for me and take some pictures of everything?”

And he went … he met people there. He said, “Look, they’re rebuilding the offices” … and I then said, “fine, thank you very much.”

We looked at the back end of the system, the CRM system. It looks fine.

Dhinsa claims he asked “everyone” who contacted him about his involvement in CashFX Group for evidence CashFX Group was a Ponzi scheme.

BehindMLM first published evidence CashFX Group was a Ponzi scheme in July 2019.

Dhinsa doesn’t address this evidence, or why he ignored it. Ditto the countless securities fraud warnings CashFX had by then received from regulators all around the world.

Because for me, reputation is very important.

And it is that reputation Dhinsa destroyed by joining, promoting and ultimately profiting CashFX Group.

Dhinsa’s promotion of CashFX Group was particularly nefarious. Dhina targeted the UK’s homeless, claiming that, by recruiting them into CashFX Group, he wanted to “impact 1 million lives”.

Dhinsa’s Ponzi marketing legacy would go on to be emulated by other CashFX Group scammers.

I don’t know exactly when Dhinsa left CashFX Group. He slunk away quietly when the money dried up.

CashFX Group first began delaying withdrawal payments in early 2020. Delays persisted over the next year and a half, culminating in CashFX Group disabling withdrawals in late 2021.

BehindMLM marks this as CashFX Group’s collapse.

Huascar Lopez, founder and CEO of CashFX Group, left the Dominican Republic in late 2021. What began as a vacation to Italy has now, retrospectively, emerged as the beginnings of an exit-scam.

Lopez now hasn’t been seen in public for months. His current location and status are unknown.