CapitalX has received a fraud warning from Russia.

This appears to have prompted scammers behind the Ponzi scheme to pull the plug.

As per the Central Bank of Russia’s July 3rd warning, CapitalX exhibits “signs of a financial pyramid”.

CapitalX was an AI trading bot ruse Ponzi scheme that launched a few months ago.  Investors were lured in on the promise of up to 300%.

CapitalX feigned operation from the UK but was very obviously tied to eastern Europe.

One name we were able to attach to CapitalX was “Alisher Bekmuratov”. Bekmuratov put together CapitalX’s marketing materials.

CBR’s CapitalX fraud warning cited the website domain “”. This is in addition to the Ponzi scheme’s other “” website domain.

At time of publication both website domains have been disabled.

Based on SimilarWeb’s traffic analysis, the majority of CapitalX victims are from Russia, Brazil, Belarus, Ukraine and Venezuela.

Total CapitalX victim numbers and how much they collectively lost remains unknown.