boresha-logoBoresha initially launched in 2007 and rebooted in 2014. At the time, Boresha claimed the ‘company’s operational or financial performance‘ were “strong”.

Turns out that wasn’t the case, with a message to affiliates telling a very different story.

In our November 2015 BehindMLM review of Boresha International, I concluded;

Despite a readily retailable product line, the core of the Boresha MLM opportunity appears to be signing up for $499, placing a monthly autoship order and recruiting others who do the same.

The trouble with this business model is if recruitment dies down, there’s nothing to sustain the business.

Chain-recruitment issues aside, in MLM you need healthy retail sales or you’re going to collapse. Period.

In contrast to Boresha’s claim of “strong” performance in 2014, here’s what actually happened:

The Boresha team has decided to close its doors of business as of Friday, the 27th of May. This decision was made based on continued decrease of sales, overwhelming liabilities, and lack of cash flow.

My family and I, along with other investors have invested an incredible sum of capital since the “re-launch” of July 2014, but sales decreased dramatically after the re-launch, and such decrease has continued.

The reboot itself is evidence business revenue was in the toilet prior to the relaunch. And with that goes any argument that Boresha was in a strong position prior to relaunching itself.

Of note is Boresha’s shut down isn’t a complete collapse, with the company now trying to salvage what little retail activity existed.

Boresha affiliates have been stripped of retail customers they introduced to the company, with Boresha announcing they plan to go at it alone.

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So much for “owning your own business” hey…