BitPlam has received a pyramid fraud warning from Russia.

Which is a bit odd, seeing a BitPlam is supposed to have collapsed last November.

As per the Central Bank of Russia’s April 1st warning, BitPlam exhibits “signs of a financial pyramid” scheme.

BitPlam launched in late 2021 and marketed a 4% to 5% daily ROI.

The investment side of BitPlam was a Ponzi scheme. The MLM side of BitPlam was a pyramid scheme.

As early as November 21st BehindMLM readers began reporting BitPlam non-payment.

Alexa’s website analysis shows a steady decline in traffic to BitPlam’s website from early January 2022:

Top sources of traffic to BitPlam’s website are currently Russia (11%), Indonesia (8%) and Iran (6%).

BitPlam’s social media profiles were abandoned in November 2021, coinciding with its collapse.

BitPlam’s website is still online though. So it seems either the CBR’s investigation was delayed, or gullible investors are still being recruited in Russia.