Bitlocity has announced the launch of its own shit token …

…paving the way for the gifting scheme’s inevitable exit-scam.

Bitlocity announced their shit token back in early June. Marketing videos pitching the exit-scam lean heavily on the “you missed out on bitcoin, don’t miss out on our token!” marketing narrative.

As of early June, Bitlocity informed affiliate investors it would be launching its token within 60 to 90 days.

As of yet no further announcements have been made.

Bitlocity launched in late 2020, as a reboot of the collapsed Qtrex gifting scheme.

BehindMLM reviewed Bitlocity on December 29th, 2020. At the time of publication Mark Hamlin was the face of the company.

Hamlin has since gone underground. The only activity I was able to find was a recently reactivated YouTube channel, which Hamlin is using to promote other scams.

In any event, Bitlocity’s token will be dumped on existing affiliate investors. The company states in one marketing video;

We will be releasing our own token and existing active members will receive free tokens based on your Bitlocity level.

Once the initial dump is complete, at some point Bitlocity will stop making gifting payments in bitcoin.

Bitcoin will transfer into the company, but out the other end you’ll only be able to get Bitlocity token.

From there either Bitlocity token will be transferable via an internal exchange till Bitlocity collapses. Or it’ll be dumped on dodgy public exchanges and crash to $0.

Alternatively, Bitlocity token doesn’t launch as advertised and that’s the end of it.

Based on Alexa traffic estimates, Bitlocity’s victims are primarily in the US (38%) and Canada (12%).