Despite being served notice of a BitConnect class-action in which he’s a named defendant, Trevon James has failed to file a response.

James, whose actual name is Trevon Brown, was initially served notice of the class-action on April 12th.

He was then served again after a third amended complaint was filed.

As of the date of this filing, Defendant JAMES has not filed any paper in response to the Complaint or any of its subsequent amendments.

On August 23rd the class plaintiffs filed a motion requesting an entry of default be recorded.

An entry of default is the first step towards default judgment. The request is made to the Court Clerk, who records the entry of default.

Once recorded, the filing party can then file for a motion of default judgment – which if granted is basically a loss judgment against the non-responsive defendant.

Following the filing, the Florida District Court clerk recorded an entry of default against James on August 24th.

By ignoring the class-action lawsuit filed against him, Trevon James now risks default judgment.

After a hiatus following BitConnect’s collapse, James (right) has resurrected his primary YouTube channel.

Recent videos uploaded to the channel showcase James’ newly built house and BMW SUV.

Assets that are believed to have been purchased with stolen BitConnect investor funds, and could be liquidated to satisfy default judgment should it come to that.

Separately, James is a person of interest in an ongoing SEC investigation into BitConnect.

For some of the remaining defendants, namely Glenn Arcaro, Ryan Hildreth, Ryan Maasen and YouTube, the case appears headed to mediation.

On August 29th a joint notice was filed advising the court that a mediator had been agreed upon.

Pending approval by the court, the class plaintiff representatives and the defendants above are expected to enter into mediation at a later date.

Stay tuned…