bigd4u-big-dollars-forced-matrix-logoThe biggest selling point of the ‘Big Dollar Forced Matrix’ MLM opportunity is that it promises to eliminate the traditional stalling of other recruitment based opportunities.

In order to do this Big Dollar Forced Matrix claims to have all members working to fill ‘the same matrix’.

The problem?

‘The same matrix’ doesn’t mean what you think it does.

Read on for a full review of the Big Dollar Forced Matrix review.

The Company

There is no information on the Big Dollar Forced Matrix website and the domain whois for the company’s domain ( interestingly enough points to the ‘Kantary Bay Hotel’ serviced apartments in Rayong, Thailand under the name ‘baldonanza’.

Make of that what you will and as always, be highly cautious of any MLM opportunity that is not upfront about who is running things.

The Big Dollars Forced Matrix Product Line

The Big Dollar Forced Matrix opportunity doesn’t provide any tangible products, however it does offer members advertising credits on an internal network that serves ads up to BigD4u members.

Upon joining the company, members get 7,000 banner credits and 7,000 text ad credits, although the company does not explain what this translates into when advertising on the BigD4u ad network.

Advertising credit cannot be purchased at a retail level and are made available only upon purchasing membership to BigD4u.

The Big Dollar Forced Matrix Compensation Plan

As I mentioned earlier, the big selling point of BigD4u is that the company claims all members are working to fill the same matrix.

The image this invokes is that all members are filling a single matrix within the company and thus the system only stalls if everybody in the company stops recruiting. With BigD4u using 2×2 matrices, which hold a total of 6 members, you’re probably wondering how that’s possible.

The answer is that there is no one big matrix and the matrices used in BigD4u are no different to any other company’s matrix system. What BigD4u do differently however is that they allocate matrix spots depending on how old a matrix is.

In this way the idea is that everybody is working towards filling the oldest matrices first and in this sense the chance of getting stuck in an old dead matrix that isn’t going anywhere is eliminated.

The dynamics of BigD4u’s matrices are the same as any other company and members are paid a commission of $15. When you cycle out you are recycled into the system and have a new matrix to fill.

Joining the Big Dollar Forced Matrix

Joining BigD4u is a straight forward affair with new members having to pay a once off joining fee of $7.


As with all internal advertising networks in MLM, they tend to get quickly filled up by members pushing similar deals that are operating at the time. Given that you’re promoting to other MLM members and will gain zero exposure from your ads to anyone who isn’t in BigD4u, advertising on the network is useless.

Looking at the drawcard of getting everyone to fill the same matrix, whilst it will no doubt eliminated dead matrices in the system, there’s still two fundamental problems with it.

  • The system is still solely reliant on new recruits to generate commissions
  • The larger BigD4u gets, the longer it’s going to take to fill the older matrices and eventually your own as more and more members are needed to feed the system

The first point is important because it essentially means BigD4u is just a money game. Membership money goes in and commissions are paid with this money.

The second is important because whereas traditionally if you’re good at recruiting new members you’ll be rewarded with more commissions because you cycle faster, with BigD4u you’re having to help everyone else infront of you in the queue cycle first.

Good for the company, but I can imagine that as the company grows losing 50-100 new recruits and not seeing a cycle is going to get old fast.

As such, I’d say BigD4u’s marketing hook of eliminating matrix stalling is targeted as people who traditionally don’t fare too well at recruiting.

Honestly, either way even with this queuing system, the Big Dollar Forced Matrix is still going to stall if the new recruits dry up. There’s only so many people who are going to be recruited into an opportunity like this and when they stop joining, the Big Dollars Forced Matrix is going to be dead in the water.

Join BigD4u at your own risk.