There is no information on the Big Mulah website indicating who runs or owns the business.

The domain ‘’ however was registered on the 13th March 2012 and lists a ‘Cruz Ramirez’ as the owner operating out of Texas in the US.

Ramirez, who refers to himself as the ‘Mexican Marketer’, appears to have been involved in and run quite a few dodgy looking schemes over the years.

Back in 2010 he launched a recruitment based social network site ‘The Dollartribe’, which didn’t last too long.

I’ve also seen Ramirez promoting Ricochet Riches (a defunct Ponzi scheme) under his now (also defunct) MRUVME Marketing brand:

Wazzub (dubious search portal that has missed launch and payment deadlines):

These are just some more recent examples but I’ve seen Ramirez promoting a fair few recruitment based opportunities dating back even further than 2010 (3900 Income from 2008 is just one example).

Of his internet marketing career thus far Ramirez writes:

My name is Cruz Ramirez I am from Texas and I have been online since 2001.

My main goal from day one was to use my PC to make money and my journey has taken me around the internet world like a ball in a pinball machine, I bounced from program to program and buisness to business spending money and never making money.

Presumably sick of bouncing from program to program, Ramirez launched Big Mulah in April 2012 and appears to have redirected every domain under his control to the Big Mulah website.

Read on for a full review of the Big Mulah MLM opportunity.

The Big Mulah Product Line

Big Mulah has no retailable products or services. Instead, upon joining the company and paying a membership fee ($15), members are given advertising credits to use on an in-house advertising network that displays on the company website.

The Big Mulah Compensation Plan

The Big Mulah compensation plan revolves around the use of two 2×3 matrices, named Gold and Silver.

A 2×3 matrix places you at the top with two legs branching out from under you. In turn, these two legs branch out another two legs making six member positions in total.

Once each of these six membership positions are filled, either via your own recruitment efforts or those of your upline, Big Mulah pay you out a commission.

Silver Matrix

Entry into the Silver Matrix costs $15 and once all six member positions of the matrix have been filled Big Mulah pay you a $5 commission.

Upon cycling out of the Silver Matrix, Big Mulah  members also receive a new entry position back into a Silver Matrix as well as one entry into a Gold Matrix.

Gold Matrix

The Gold Matrix functions in the same manner as the Silver Matrix in that all six member positions under you need to be filled before you cycle out and get paid.

Big Mulah’s Gold Matrix pays out $130 with members also receiving two new Silver Matrix entries.

Recruitment Commissions

In addition to the matrix commissions offered above, Big Mulah also pays out recruitment commissions to existing members.

For each new member brought into the company, Big Mulah pay out a one-time commission of $1.

Given that multiple accounts are permitted, it is unclear however whether this commission is paid out per new account or new member.

Joining Big Mulah

Membership to Big Mulah costs $15 and bundled with each membership members receive entry into a Silver Matrix as well as advertising credits.


When an internet marketer with a long history of participating in and running  recruitment driven schemes decides to launch a company, it’s not entirely surprising that the newly launched company also turns out to be recruitment driven.

Cruz Ramirez (photo right) might be sick of being bounced around like a pinball from opportunity to opportunity, but the fact of the matter is Big Mulah is no better than the very recruitment driven opportunities he’s spent his internet marketing career ‘spending money and never making money‘ in.

Big Mulah generates 100% of its revenue and commission payouts on the membership fee it charges new members, and existing members should they wish to buy multiple matrix positions.

As far as the Big Mulah advertising goes, you can’t purchase it at a retail level without participating in the compensation plan (true retail) so it’s pretty much reduced to nothing more than a freebie with each matrix position bought with membership fees.

Big Mulah even admit that membership is all that is being bought in their own advertising:

Functionally Big Mulah’s Silver Matrix feeds into the Gold Matrix with an emphasis on re-entry into the Silver Matrices. Multiple Silver Matrix entries being given to existing members will keep the scheme running a bit longer but otherwise the system is still heavily dependant on new members joining and injecting new cash into the scheme (or existing members buying multiple positions).

At the end of the day once people stop buying new matrix positions the matrices will stall and so too will Big Mulah’s commission payouts.

All we’re looking at here is just another run-of-the-mill pyramid scheme pretending to sell advertising when it infact doesn’t.