The BidForMyMeds website doesn’t actually contain any information on the company itself.

Where the owner information for BidForMyMeds should be, the company displays information about BidsRX, naming Ralph Kalies as Founder and CEO of BidsRx. Given that the page is titled “About Us”, this is extremely misleading.

As far as I can tell, BidsRx and BidForMyMeds have nothing to do with eachother.

The BidsForMyMeds website does mention that they are “powered by BidRx”, but business wise there’s doesn’t seem to be any connection. Certainly not any that would justify putting BidRx’s executive staff on the BidForMyMeds “About” page.

Meanwhile the BidForMyMeds website domain (“”) was registered on the 21st of October 2013, with the registration naming a “Craig Berens” as the owner.

I wasn’t able to find any additional MLM history on Berens, indicating that BidForMyMeds is his first MLM venture. Berens name also does not appear anywhere on the BidsRx website.

The BidForMyMeds website domain uses a Michigan based address, which appears to be where the company is based out of. The BidForMyMeds Terms and Conditions state

Michigan law will govern and enforce this Agreement. Any litigation or arbitration arising out of the use of this website will take place in any state court located within Kent County.

Read on for a full review of the BidForMyMeds MLM business opportunity.

The BidForMyMeds Product Line

BidForMyMeds has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market membership to the BidForMyMeds website itself.

BidForMyMeds website membership costs either $7 a month for access to BidsRx or $17 month as an affiliate.

What exactly $7 a month “customers” receive over basic BidRx membership (free) is unclear.

The BidForMyMeds Compensation Plan

The BidForMyMeds compensation plan pays $17 a month affiliates to recruit new members.

Commissions are paid down six levels of recruitment. For every $17 member an affiliate recruits, they are paid $1 a month. For every $7 member, they are paid 50 cents a month.

If a BidForMyMeds affiliate recruits 10 or more $17 members (affiliates), they qualify for Matching Bonuses.

BidForMyMeds Matching Bonuses are paid out down six levels of recruitment, according to how many $17 affiliate members have been recruited:

  • recruit ten or more affiliates – 100% match on level 1, 50% on level 2 and 25% on level 3
  • recruit 15 or more affiliates – 100% on level 1, 50% on level 2, 25% on level 3 and 15% on level 4
  • recruit 20 or more affiliates – 100% on level 1, 50% on level 2, 25% on level 3, 15% on level 4 and 10% on level 5

Joining BidForMyMeds

Affiliate membership to BidForMyMeds is $17 a month.


I’m going to have to flag BidForMyMeds for gross misrepresentation that, in my opinion, borders on outright fraud.

The company repeatedly uses the words “we” to describe relationships with pharmacies and other prescription related entities, when clearly these are BidRx’s properties. Here’s an example, taken from BidForMyMed’s “Competition” page:

We are a Pharmaceutical Service aligned with Registered US Pharmacies, Manufacturers, and mail order companies.

Additionally BidForMyMeds displaying the corporate ownership of BidRx on their “About Us” page and claiming to have been “seen on TV” are inexcusable.


Then there’s the charging for access to BidRx. For those not familiar with BidRx,

BidRx provides a free, electronic marketplace for instantly obtaining information and competition on drugs, services, incentives, coupons, discounts, and prices from pharmaceutical manufacturers – and getting competitive bids on prescriptions and services from pharmacies.

In a nutshell you sign up for free and can then access drug information and place your prescription online for pharmacies BidRx are affiliated with to bid on. You pick a company to supply you and you get your meds.

This has nothing to do with BidForMyMeds!

BidForMyMeds simply charge $7 to $17 for access to something that is free. The latter $17 affiliate membership fee entitles the BidForMyMeds member to recruit new paid BidForMyMeds members and get paid for them.

Commissions in BidForMyMeds have absolutely nothing to do with BidRx!

All BidForMyMeds $17 affiliates are getting paid to do is recruit. You could replace access to BidRx with anything and functionally, BidForMyMeds would be the same.

Recruit new affiliates and $7 people who want to pay for access to something that is free, and get paid.

Coupled with no retailable products or services of their own, this makes BidForMyMeds a text-book example of a pyramid scheme.  Once the recruitment and membership fees stop getting paid, commissions dry and the business will implode.

If you’re not interested in recruitment scams and want to access BidRx, skip BidForMyMeds and just sign up over at “” for free.