BehindMLM last checked in on Beep Xtra back in 2017. Looking to get in on the cryptocurrency grift bandwagon, Beep Xtra had opted for XCoin mining securities fraud.

Approximately seven months ago Beep Xtra resurrected its defunct YouTube channel to start promoting “Seriod 4.0 Masternodes”.

Before we get into Beep Xtra’s latest grift, some history.

Beep Xtra launched back in 2013 through a BVI shell company. The company is run by co-founders Lyndon Farrington (UK) and Angelos Hadjiphilippou (Cyprus).


The original offering was a failed ecommerce platform, designed to funnel people into the since collapsed Karatbars International pyramid scheme.

When it was obvious Beep Xtra’s ecommerce platform had flopped, the company pivoted to defrauding consumers through an unregistered share offering.

This was in 2014. Fastforwarding to 2017 brings us to Beep Xtra’s transition to cryptocurrency fraud. And that in turn brings us to Beep Xtra’s latest “Steroid 4.0 Masternodes” offering.

Since the failure of XCoin Beep Xtra seems to have come up with a few more shitcoin/shit tokens.

Presently on Beep Xtra’s website we have:

  • Steroid Masternodes – $25,000
  • Mining Software – 10,000 BPC
  • BLP – “investment token” and
  • Mining Packages – “from $425”

The XCoin unregistered securities offering lives on through Beep Xtra’s Mining Packages. Although now it’s been changed to investing money and getting a BPC return.

BPC Coin appears to have replaced the original failed XCoin.

BLP is a shit token that appears to be a straight pump and dump. Beep Xtra’s “mining software” is written in python and supposedly mines something.

BeepXtra has developed a mining software using Python programming language.

It is currently available for Linux operating system (Installation/setup Instructions provided) and a windows version in the making!

And then we have the “Steroid 4.0 MasterNode Investment Opportunity”:

Long-story short, Steroid is what Beep Xtra is calling its blockchain. They’re selling $25,000 “masternode positions”, on the promise of a projected $1.56 million annual return.

Totally unregistered securities and totally illegal in every country with a regulated financial market.

The projected Steroid masternoid returns are based on adoption of Beep Xtra. From launch in 2013 to present, Beep Xtra appears to have only mildly gained traction in the Philippines.

Based on SimilarWeb traffic estimates for March 2024, we have:

  • – 555 monthly visits (63% Philippines, 37% France)
  • – ~13,800 monthly visits (10% Philippines, 9% Vietnam, 8% Turkey, 7% US, 6% Peru)
  • – 392 monthly visits (74% Philippines, 26% Singapore)

“” stands out as suss. Why would visitors from Vietnam, Turkey, the US and Peru be hitting a local Philippine domain?

In any event, eleven years on and Beep Xtra is still trying to sell a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.

One thing that stood out to me in Lyndon Farrington’s Steroid masternode pitch was the inclusion of conspiracy theories.

[17:06] You don’t have to do much research into economics to predict that there’s a very good chance of a large financial crash. Bigger than anything we’ve ever seen in modern history.

Now whether or not a huge crash happens, banks will bring out something called “central bank digital currency” or “CBDC” for short.

Now again, you don’t have to do much research to see that CBDC is coming to every country in the world.

Farrington goes on to play an economic conspiracy video, which touts a mega banking new world order:

Where does Beep Xtra fit into this?

[19:10] Steroid offers potentially the best alternative in the world to CBDC.

And when business owners wake up to that fact, then you masternode owners will be very glad. Extremely glad.


Turns out Beep Xtra is just one part of Farrington’s plans to create his own New World Order.

Part of this is “Common Law Court”. Or was?

John Smith along with 100 living men and living women set up the ‘Scottish Common Law Court’ in 2017.

It evolved into ‘Common Law Court Great Britain’ and finally, ‘Common Law Court Great Britain & International’.

Common Law Court has a website up at “”. Visitors to Common Law Court’s website can

  • record a birth certificate
  • “claim ownership of your name”
  • record a fictional birthdate
  • create a financial trust

Farrington is/was involved in Family Law Court but, circa mid 2023, appears to have gotten into a spat.

Farrington “resigned” from the Common Law Court make-believe world and apparently went off to launch his own “constable training system” make-believe world.

Farrington’s sovereign citizen nutjobbery goes a long way to explain the motivation behind Beep Xtra since the pivot to crypto fraud.

Common Law Court purportedly tied into Beep Xtra through “cruin wallet”.

This looks to be a (presumably defunct?) money laundering operation between Beep Xtra and Common Law Court:

Below is a series of videos in which Farrington gives his side of his spat with Common Law Court. I don’t have any interest in the spat beyond noting Farrington is a sovereign citizen nutjob, so I haven’t watched them.

Circling back to Beep Xtra’s $25,000 Steroid masternode investment scheme; it’s been eleven years… if Beep Xtra hasn’t yet taken off it’s not happening.

This latest grift, in addition to being another unregistered securities offering, is nothing more than the funnelling of $25,000 payments to Beep Xtra.

Legalities aside, if millions in passive returns were even remotely realistic Beep Xtra would just keep the nodes for themselves (they’re virtual and created out of thin air in case you were wondering).