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BBOM assets frozen, Judge agrees it’s a Ponzi

A day after I reviewed BBOM, Federal Police in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco announced that they had launched an investigation into the company. Like TelexFree, BBOM accepts investments from affiliates in exchange for a monthly ROI, along with recruitment commissions and matching bonuses. Whereas TelexFree used the guise of VOIP services, BBOM pretended they [Continue reading…]

BBOM Review: Ponzi with GPS tracker front?

BBOM was launched in early 2013 and appears to be based out São Paulo in Brazil. Listed on the company website as founder and President of BBOM is a João Francisco de Paulo (below right). History wise BBOM claim on their website that they ‘operate through a system of Direct Sales and MLM in order to market [Continue reading…]

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