Banker Quotes has received a securities fraud warning from New Zealand’s Financial Market Authority.

As per the FMA’s December 12th warning;

We are concerned that Banker Quotes is offering financial services in New Zealand, while not being authorised or registered on the Financial Service Providers Register to provide these services.

Banker Quotes’ promotional activity on social media platforms may create an overall misleading impression that high returns can be gained easily by using its product.

As a result of Banker Quotes committing securities fraud, the FMA

recommend(s) caution when dealing with Banker Quotes or any individuals or entities promoting its services or products.

Banker Quotes is an MLM Ponzi scheme. Investors are pitched on passive daily returns, purportedly derived through trading.

As of November 2023, SimilarWeb tracked around ~5000 monthly visits to Banker Quotes’ website.

58% of Banker Quotes’ website traffic originated from Trinidad and Tobago, 19% from the Netherlands, 15% from the UK and 8% from Sri Lanka.