Appi Travels has received a pyramid scheme warning from the Bank of Russia.

Following an internal investigation, the Bank of Russia states it has “established” Appi Travels exhibits “signs of a pyramid scheme”.

The Bank of Russia’s Appi Travels fraud notice was published on October 22nd.

Appi Travels is run by Canadian resident Danny Gauthier.

BehindMLM has reviewed Appi Travels three times since 2016.

The first iteration of Appi Travels was that of a pyramid scheme. The second iteration was a bitcoin gifting scheme.

The last version we looked at in 2019 saw Appi Travels relaunched as a full-blown pyramid Ponzi hybrid.

The percentage of Russians participating in Appi Travels is unknown.


Update 2nd July 2022 – Appi Travels has collapsed. As of June 30th, Danny Gauthier has pulled the company’s website offline.