The Anonymous Trading Ponzi scheme has collapsed.

Following reports of non-payment dating back to August 2023, Anonymous Trading is understood to have initiated its collapse through an “anonycoin” shitcoin.

That ruse has played out, with Anonymous Trading advising it is shutting down as per an “investigation” exit-scam.

A visit to Anonymous Trading’s website today reveals the following communication;

Dear Valuable Members,

We regret to inform you that, due to ongoing official investigations, we have made the difficult decision to temporarily halt our business operations.

Rest assured, in compliance with our legal counsel’s guidance, we are committed to processing refunds for all investors’ direct deposits within the forthcoming 4 to 6 months period.

The profits generated from our daily activities remain secure and unaffected by the investigation.

This action was precipitated by an anonymous complaint, and our current management is diligently working to address and refute any allegations related to past board members.

No details of the alleged “official investigations” are provided. BehindMLM is unaware of any official investigations into Anonymous Trading.

Beyond that, Anonymous Trading’s message has the usual exit-scam components:

  • pretending to be under investigation
  • promise of refunds
  • a timeline for refunds (to deter actual complaints being filed with authorities)
  • blaming the collapse on the undisclosed investigation

In the lead up to its collapse, Anonymous Trading disabled withdrawals. Just over a month ago, the ruse was “technical difficulties”.

As you can see in the screenshot above, taken from Anonymous Trading’s official Telegram group, the admins abandoned the scheme shortly after disabling withdrawals on January 26th.

BehindMLM reviewed Anonymous Trading back in March 2023. We found a simple MLM crypto Ponzi, pitching investors on 30% a month.

We suspect Anonymous Trading was run by German-speaking scammers but who exactly was behind the scam is unclear.

Based on February 2024 website traffic analysis from SimilarWeb, the majority of Anonymous Trading victims are from Austria (40%), Australia (28%), the US (22%) and Switzerland (4%).

Total Anonymous Trading victim numbers and how much they’ve collectively lost are unknown.