AdDeed was launched late 2012 however there is no information on the company website indicating who owns or runs the AdDeed opportunity.

The company website domain (“”) was registered on the 21st June 2012 and lists a Damian Jaundoo as the domain owner with a Florida based mailing address.

Jaundoo has previously been involved in Strong Future International SFI, dating back as far as early 2011:

SFI is a MLM opportunity that pays members to recruit new members, as well as allowing members to “resell” their downlines to other SFI members, via its “Triple Clicks” penny auction.

Read on for a full review of the AdDeed MLM business opportunity.

The AdDeed Product Line

There are no retailable products or services offered through the AdDeed opportunity.

Instead, prospects must sign up to the AdDeed as members, whereby they are then able to purchase advertising, display it on a website they own and/or market AdDeed’s advertising to others (referral commissions).

The AdDeed Compensation Plan

Not surprisingly, the AdDeed compensation plan revolves around the purchasing of advertising by the company’s members.

These ads can either be displayed on AdDeed own website (text and banner ads) or on the company’s publisher network (websites submitted by members that are able to display advertising).

Advertising Purchase ROIs

AdDeed members are able to purchase advertising credits from AdDeed at five price points:

  • Green – $20
  • Blue – $40
  • Red – $80
  • Bronze – $160
  • Silver – $320
  • Gold – $640

AdDeed claim to offer a daily 5% ROI on the purchase of any advertising, but do not mention what the total ROI offered is.

Publisher Commissions

If An AdDeed member runs AdDeed advertising on their website, the company pays them commissions.

Clickwise you’re looking at 1 cent perk click, with cost per impression advertising dependant on the amount of traffic a website receives:

  • Blue (10,000 – 50,000 impressions a month) – $3
  • Green (50,001 to 100,000 impressions a month) – $7
  • Red (100,001 to 500,000 impressions a month) – $15
  • Bronze (500,001 to 1,000,000 impressions a month) – $30
  • Silver 1,000,001 to 2,500,000 impressions a month) – $75
  • Gold (2,500,001+ impressions a month) – $150

Referral Commissions

AdDeed also offer referral commissions if recruited members purchase advertising from the company.

AdDeed pays out

  • 5% on direct recruit purchases and
  • 2.5% on their direct recruit purchases

Joining AdDeed

Membership to AdDeed is $10 a month.


With the exception of a publisher network, AdDeed appears to be no different to most of the “advertising purchases will pay you a ROI” ad based Ponzi schemes that have surfaced over the years.

The basic idea is that the more members put in under the guise of advertising purchases, the more money the company has to pay out as a ROI. Some ROIs are guaranteed amounts over an unspecified amount of time whilst others are specific ROIs offered daily.

AdDeed seem to fall somewhere in the middle here, offering “up to 5% a day” but failing to specify how much of a total ROI will be earnt or over what length of time.

The fundamental problem of paying out a ROI from new member money appears to still be evident.

AdDeed do claim that

profits are generated from both internally and externally. The entire program is also subsidized by external profit centers bringing in income consistently.

However the company fails to provide any specific examples, casting a large shadow of doubt on the claims. It is typical for member-funded Ponzi schemes to make vague claims about “external revenue sources”.

It is also noted that AdDeed runs on the XSharePro profit sharing platform. Here’s how XSharePro describe their advertising ROI script:

Once you own the Revenue Sharing script, you’re the king of advertising on your site because…

-Users join in (eager to make money and advertise their product/offer so other members can see their ads and banners)

-They buy an ad slot (or multiple slots)

***Each slot comes with a free advertising package like Text Ad, Banner Ad, Solo Ad. + % of return on their initial investment.


Let’s say your user paid $10 for 1 ad slot. He gets 2% (this can be changed) of $10 every day for next 30 days (this can also be changed) so in total he will receive 60% of original investment + Free advertising package

Remember…Newbies Buy Advertising And Lose Money

Gurus Sell Advertising And Generate Extra Profit!

Where does that ROI paid out money come from? New member (“newbies”) investments in advertising of course.

The publisher network could add an air of legitimacy to the opportunity itself, however despite being offered through a separate website “”, when coupled with the obviously member-funded revenue share component of the company, its legitimacy then becomes a moot point.

Further more the AdDeed Terms and Conditions state and are two separate entities and operate as such.

Quite obviously both sites are owned by Jaundoo and this is a feeble attempt to diversify the member funds coming into the scheme, however all that is achieved is the exclusion of any possibility of retail sales from the main AdDeed opportunity.

At the end of the day, “newbies” pump money into AdDeed to pay out ROIs owed to existing members who have previously done the same. Considering this is what the publisher network is attached to, let’s not kid ourselves and pretend like legitimate advertisers (non-AdDeed members) are going to bother with it.

Members paying members with daily ROIs thrown into the equation? Ponzi scheme.