Parties in the ACN Trump case have reached an agreement pertaining to the anonymity of the plaintiffs.

In an unusual move, at least for MLM related litigation, Plaintiffs were granted an anonymity protective order in late September.

The agreement was reached and filed on August 30th.

As per the agreement, Plaintiffs were directed to filed a second amended complaint with their actual names. No other changes to the complaint were made.

On September 14th Plaintiffs filed their second amended complaint as directed.

The complaint reveals the previously unknown Plaintiffs as Lynn Chadwick, Markus Frazier, Catherine McKoy and Millard Williams.

All of the Plaintiffs are former ACN distributors who signed up and subsequently left between 2013 and 2017.

The Plaintiffs allege they signed up as ACN distributors as a result of representations made by Defendants Donald Trump, members of his family and The Trump Corporation.

In related news the Trump Defendants lost their arbitration appeal.

The Second Circuit upheld the New York District’s earlier order denying the Trump Defendants’ motion to compel arbitration.

This triggered a lifting of a previously granted administrative stay on August July 28th. As a result the case has resumed through the District Court.

A trial is a number of years off, with an administrative timetable running into March 2023 (not a typo).

Pending a settlement in the meantime, at some point in the future a trial will presumably be scheduled sometime after March 2023.


Update 11th January 2023 – A December 13th, 2022 order has tentatively scheduled a trial for January 29th, 2024.


Update 17th January 2024 – The ACN Trump RICO class-action was dismissed in its entirety on January 11th, 2024.