3 Daily Cash claim to be a MLM company that offers advertising packs for members but at the same time offers members a 150% return on their “purchase”.

So which is it, a product purchase or an investment?

Read on for a full review of the 3 Daily Cash business opportunity.

The Company

There is no information on the 3 Daily Cash website about who runs or owns the opportunity.

The domain 3dailycash.com was registered on the 18th of January 2012 however the registration information is set to private.


Update 1st February 2012 – After reviewing the investment scheme 4 Daily Pay, I’ve found several links between 3 Daily Cash, 4 Daily Pay, Banner Money Ads and AdsRealm.

These links strongly indicate that Rachel Goldberg is operating 3 Daily Cash Review out of Vancouver in Canada. For more information regarding these links read BehindMLM’s review on 4 Daily Pay (specifically ‘the company’ and ‘conclusion’ sections). /end update

The 3 Daily Cash Product Line

3 Daily Cash have no retail product or services for members to market. Instead, when members join the company they are able to invest money into the 3 Daily Cash investment program.

For each $10 invested into the scheme, members receive advertising credits to be used on an advertising network run on the 3 Daily Cash website.

The 3 Daily Cash Compensation Plan

The 3 Daily Cash compensation plan revolves around an investment scheme that pays out referral commissions on multiple levels.

The investment side of 3 Daily Cash pays a 150% return on your investment (ROI) after 50 days at 3% a day.

Investments into 3 Daily Cash are made in $10 increments and capped at $10,000 (which would be a 50 day return of $15,000).

Although 3 Daily Cash pay returns daily, the return is paid into what 3 Daily Cash call a ‘cash balance’. The minimum withdrawal from this cash balance is $10 (the original amount invested).

3 Daily Cash also pay out referral commissions on the amounts members you recruit and those they recruit (2 levels) invest into the scheme.

Level 1 referrals (members you recruit) pay out a 10% commission on the money invested and level 2 referrals (members your own recruits bring into the company), pay out 5%.

Joining 3 Daily Cash

Membership to 3 Daily Cash is free however unless you invest money into the scheme you don’t earn anything.

The company does mention that

free members can earn via 3Dailycash’s rewarding affiliates/referrals sharing program,

however these earnings are paid out as virtual currency into the free member’s cash balance. Once this cash balance reaches $10, the free member must invest at least $10 into the investment scheme before they can make a withdrawal.

Thus 3 Daily Cash’s claim that free members can earn actual money without investing into the scheme is false.


3 Daily Cash describe themselves as

an online advertising program and offers a platform for marketers/business owners to advertise their businesses/programs.

With no revenue being generated other than the money being injected into the scheme by members themselves, it’s clear that the 150% returns are being paid out of new money injected into the system.

This is further evidenced by 3 Daily Cash’s refund policy:

When you purchase an ad Pack, you are essentially purchasing advertising with 3dailycash and you will instantly be credited with 10,000 advertising credits which you can use straight away to promote your banners/text advertisements.

As such, 3dailycash does not offer any refund.

One would think that if a 3 Daily Cash didn’t use their advertising credits, a refund of the purchase of said credits would be a straight forward affair. Yet 3 Daily Cash claim they can’t offer a refund?

The reason for this is because the money is invested and has nothing to do with the purchase of anything. Once a member pumps $10 into 3 Daily Cash that money is used to pay out someone else’s 150% return.

In turn, after 50 days your own 150% return is paid out of someone elses invested money and so on and so forth.

With the option of a cash balance that can be used to re-invest into the system, 3 Daily Cash are counting on enough members not cashing out at once so they can cover the costs of those that do with real money, and have everybody else investing their virtual money (which is what the cash balance effectively is).

The fact of the matter is that you can’t create 150% out of 100% (the percentage is actually higher when you factor in the company fee) so if everyone in 3 Daily Cash ‘cashed out’, there simply wouldn’t be enough money to go  around.

Usually what happens here is that the daily return drops to a point where most members simply cash out and give up on the system. Unfortunately for 3 Daily Cash this isn’t an option as they’ve gone ahead and guaranteed the daily return percentage.

The 3 Daily Cash FAQ states that upon investing $10 into the system, members ‘receive 3% daily on your advertising pack for 50 consecutive days‘.

Guaranteeing a 3% daily return is only going to lead to trouble down the track when members have built up sizeable cash balances and the return being generated on these balances is abundantly more than actual cash being injected into the scheme by members.

When that happens (and it will), expect 3 Daily Cash to come crashing down.