10FreeMoney launched in November 2013 and is headed up by an admin who signs off as “D&K Collins” (taken from the 10FreeMoney FAQ).

Further research reveals D&K Collins identifying themselves as David Collins, admin of Alert2Pay:

I AM The Administrator D.Collins former owner of Alert2Pay, now co-owner of 10freemoney. I am one of the most trusted admins in the world of hyip and money back guarantee.

Alert2Pay launched in August 2012, accepting $50 investments from affiliates and guaranteeing a 7% daily ROIs for 30 days.

By September 2012 (just short of two months) Alert2Pay had run out of new affiliate money, with Collins pulling the familiar “we got hacked!” excuse:

Hello Valued Members! (Please read this entire email)

It is with a heavy heart that I have no choice but to report that Alert2Pay is closing today.

First and foremost – I will do my UTMOST to ensure that NO members will be left out of pocket!!

I am refunding all deposits to those who did not earn anything on their investments! The refunds will be processed today and I will try to cover every member who did not get a chance to earn with Alert2Pay!

We cannot pay commissions however, nor can we pay monies back to those who are already in profit.

Now, for the explanation…BE WARNED!!

Alert2Pay was being attacked by one of the world’s biggest hackers who goes by many names, One of the names is Wealthy Rick, or the most recent Alex, who is the current owner of wealthadz.com and many other websites.

This hacker has been hacking into members accounts, stealing their money, changing their username, passwords, and payment emails while withdrawing it into his own account.

He also stole more than $60,000 from Alert2Pay by hacking into our server, uploading a API agent and retrieving our API details which is used to make mass payments to members.

This hacker has stolen our entire database and is uploading it to his websites and selling the leads as package deals to the members of his sites. So with that being said, you will need to change your username and passwords to all your programs.

This hacker is following people around , logging into their most recent programs (using their previous username and password) and stealing their money.

With that being said, we are holding onto our last bit of dollars and we will use this to pay our major investors back first, then we will work on the smaller payments last.

This is the only way that I, the owner of Alert2Pay can close down this program. I would not be able to live with myself knowing that somebody lost 5 to 10,000 dollars when there are families out there starving and homeless.

I cannot promise that every investor who did not earn with us will get their money back, because at some point, what we do have left will run out. I am deeply sorry and I apologize that you had to go through this torment!

As you may or may not know, ProfitAdz is one of the other sites that has been a victim of this same person. The Admin, Thomas Sullivan is a well respected honest Admin, and has his hands full too, trying to recover.

The hacker somehow redirected this mans site to his newest site, set up to scam members out of their money. Sounds familiar don’t it? Remember when we were alert2pay.com, yes, he stole that from us too.

In closing, I want you all to know that despite the actions of this hacker, I did everything in my power to keep Alert2pay going.

I spent countless hours, quite a few bucks, and sleepless nights trying to keep the hacker at bay, because the members are top priority, but in the end, the hacker had to win…before he hacked more members accounts!!

I want you all to know that my Partner Cathy Evans, has done her best to help, but this has been out of her hands as well. She is a wonderful woman and she made my job as the admin here a heck of lot easier!

Please do not blame her, she was our support admin and had nothing to do with payments whatsoever! I want to thank Cathy for everything that she\’s done to make A2P one of the greatest sites to hit the net.

I’m closing this update now and the refunding process will begin. I will be posting more information about the hacker on the front page of Alert2Pay and I will expose as much as I can! The website will stay up for this purpose only.

Please be aware of this guy because he is hacking everything and everybody! Also please get protection for your computer and run a complete scan everyday.

I found tracking cookies and a trojan on my computer and I strongly believe this is what he’s using to gather your personal information. Please stay safe and farewell.

The Alert2Pay program has ended.

Despite the promises of investor refunds above made by Collins, postings on social media by Alert2Pay affiliates indicate that the vast majority of refund requests were not honored.

Now, a year later, Collins is back with 10FreeMoney.

Read on for a full review of the 10FreeMoney MLM business opportunity.

The 10FreeMoney Product Line

10FreeMoney has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only being able to market affiliate membership to the company itself.

Once an affiliate has signed up to 10FreeMoney, they are then able to make $20 or $50 “10FM Start Pack”  investments with the company.

Bundled with each affiliate investment are a series of advertising credits, which can be used to display advertising on the 10FreeMoney website.

The 10FreeMoney Compensation Plan

Affiliates join 10FreeMoney and then make either $20 or $50 10FM Start Pack investments.

ROIs are paid out daily, capping out at 150% on $20 investments and 200% on $50 investments. 30% of all $20 ROIs and 50% of all $50 ROIs must be re-invested, with affiliates only able to withdraw once they’ve reached a $20 balance.

Note that cash withdrawals are capped at $250 a day, and affiliates must view 10 company-supplied websites per day to receive their daily ROI (or pay an additional fee to bypass this requirement).

Referral commissions are paid on investments made by recruited affiliates, paying out 10% on personally recruited affiliate’s investments (level 1) and 10% on their personally recruited affiliate’s investments (level 2).

Joining 10FreeMoney

Affiliate membership to 10FreeMoney is free, however affiliates must invest at least either $20 or $50 if they wish to earn any commissions.


Using the standard “advertising credits” based Ponzi model, it seems David Collins hasn’t really learnt anything from the Alert2Pay days. Or perhaps he has learnt something, that being that it’s profitable to launch an obvious Ponzi scheme, suck in investors, come up with hacker stories and then do a runner.

With 100% of the company’s revenue sourced from affiliate investments and paid out via a daily ROI, 10FreeMoney operates as a Ponzi scheme.

Despite the investment nature of the business however, it seems Collin’s has some confusion on to how to define his scheme. Taken from the 10FreeMoney FAQ:

Are you an HYIP, MLM or Ponzi scheme?

NO. We are an advertising platform which generates revenue through the sales of advertising services. We pay our members once every 24 hours based on our generated income.

How the above clarifies 10FreeMoney isn’t a Ponzi scheme escapes me, with Collin’s explanation failing to address the core problem of the company simply taking in new affiliate money and paying it out to existing affiliates.

Despite 10FreeMoney’s assurances that its ROIs are guaranteed (‘We are the only marketing site that “guarantees” your payments‘), once new affiliate investor money runs out (or Collins claims the site has been hacked), there’s no money left to pay out existing investors.

Still not convinced? Here’s Collin’s himself, pitching 10FreeMoney on the popular MoneyMakerGroup forum:


I have teamed up with another trusted administrator in the business and that’s why we feel confident in earning our members passive income.

We offer $10 free dollars towards your first purchase and you so not have to wait 30 or 60 days for returns on investment.

Having burnt his bridges in the Ponzi investment community with Alert2Pay, one might ask who Collins’ hopes to get to invest into his scheme this time around.

The answer lies in the 10FreeMoney FAQ:

We offer real income and real products to our members, we are a real community and not some fly by night program.

In God we trust and we are also a Christian community dedicated to helping those with little or no work, earn a decent income working from home.

We especially invite stay at home mom’s and dad’s to come and earn with us, we invite anybody who want to earn a decent income from home, we expect you to be honest just as you expect us to be honest, hackers and thieves are not welcome here.

Father God see’s everything and believe me when I say, we pray over this website everyday!

Christian stay at home moms and dads, open up your wallets…