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OneCoin offices raided, Bulgarian authorities finally react

Bulgarian authorities seemingly doing nothing while OneCoin operated a multi-million dollar Ponzi scheme has been a running joke. Now, working in cooperation with Eurojust and Interpol, the Specialized Prosecutors Office raided OneCoin’s Sofia offices over January 17th and 18th.

Chris Principe OneCoin defamation case heads to mediation

Following two pre-trial defeats, Chris Principe’s defamation lawsuit against Tim Curry is heading to mediation.

To promote DagCoin, Igor Alberts slams Ponzi he earned millions in

Last weekend Igor Alberts fronted a DagCoin recruitment event in Tallinn, Estonia. His marketing strategy? Slamming the collapsed Ponzi scheme he stole millions of dollars through.

Ted Nuyten and BusinessForHome stop shilling OneCoin

BusinessForHome’s first article on OneCoin was published on April 1st, 2015. Not a joke by any stretch of the imagination, in it Ted Nuyten reported on OneCoin’s purchase of the Conligus affiliate-base. This paved the way for victims who lost money in the original Conligus penny auction pyramid scheme to be double-scammed. Rather than report [Continue reading…]

Chris Principe denied injunction in OneCoin defamation case

Last October Chris Principe filed a motion requesting a harassment order against defendant Timothy Curry. Principe argued that Curry was harassing him and requested the court prohibit him from doing so. Specifically, Principe wanted to enjoin Curry from “[c]ontacting [Principe], either directly or indirectly, by any means, including but not limited to, by telephone, mail, [Continue reading…]

OneCoin conviction appeals in China mostly denied (Ignatova still MIA)

Back August/September it emerged that thirty-five OneCoin affiliates had been arrested in China. In a ruling that pretty much certified OneCoin an illegal pyramid scheme across China, affiliate sentenced ranged from probation to “several years imprisonment”. Appeals against the sentences were filed, with a ruling handed down a few days ago.

OneCoin, DasCoin, FutureNet & Lyoness scam warnings from Poland

Poland’s Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, more commonly known as UOKiK, has issued scam warnings against OneCoin (OneLife), NetLeaders (DasCoin), FutureNet (FutureAdPro), Questra World (Atlantic Global Asset Management) and Lyoness. The December 18th warning, published by UOKiK President Marek Niechciala, appears to be an end-of-year recap of regulatory actions taken by the watchdog.

OneCoin’s Parhiala buys Sharky Bar in Cambodia (money laundering?)

Despite an alleged three million plus investors unable to withdraw the purported internal value of their OneCoin points, life is good for those at the top. Along with Sebastian Greenwood, Juha Parhiala holds the top investor position(s) in the OneCoin Ponzi scheme. Up until about six months ago, Parhiala boasted being the number one MLM [Continue reading…]

OneCoin demotes Kari Wahlroos, Frank Ricketts returns?

Amid rumours Kari Wahlroos had, despite keeping up appearances, effectively left OneCoin, today the company announced he’s been demoted.

Principe’s harassment injunction hearing delayed till Dec 22nd

Initially scheduled to take place on December 1st, the hearing on Principe’s harassment injunction motion has been delayed. On November 16th a joint stipulation was filed requesting the December 1st hearing be continued to December 22nd. The parties do not enter into this stipulation for the purposes of delay but instead do so because they [Continue reading…]