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Chris Principe settles OneCoin defamation lawsuit

With efforts to secure quick judgment knocked back and there not being much of a company left to fight for, it was pretty obvious Chris Principe’s OneCoin defamation lawsuit wasn’t going to trial. Following the denial of an entry for default and harassment injunction, Principe’s defamation lawsuit was sent to mediation back in January. On [Continue reading…]

OneCoin regulatory investigation confirmed in Samoa

With OneCoin a laughing stock of cryptocurrency circles in larger countries, desperate investors hoping to recover losses are targeting smaller markets. An emerging source of revenue for OneCoin investment is Samoa, but not if the Central Bank has anything to do with it.

OneCoin still banned in Italy, claims Italian Consumer Center

Last month we reported on the lift of a ban that prevented OneCoin from operating in Italy. That article was based on a 19th February published decision, which suggested that both the suspension and 2.5 million EUR issued fine had been rejected by the  Regional Administrative Court (Sixth Section). In an April 4th article titled, “OneCoin [Continue reading…]

OneCoin Italian ban & fine suspended, AGCM investigation continues

Following an ongoing investigation into OneCoin by the Antitrust and Consumer Protection Authority, promotion of OneCoin across Italy was banned in late 2016. OneCoin’s response to the injunction saw the company claim one OneCoin shell company was not related to another, despite being owned and operated in tandem by the same people. The AGCM concluded [Continue reading…]

3 million EUR tied to OneCoin to remain frozen, objection dismissed

An internal investigation by Germany’s top financial regulator revealed OneCoin had received around 360 million euros into German bank accounts. The funds were deposited and transferred through OneCoin’s international money laundering network between December 2015 to 2016. Unfortunately by the time BaFin was in a position to seize the funds, only 29 million EUR remained [Continue reading…]

Ruja Ignatova builds $2.5 mill mansion, no money for OneCoin affiliates

When exactly OneCoin began to run out of money is unclear. By January, 2017, however, affiliate withdrawals exceeded new investment such that the internal exchange had to be shut down. Despite promises of an exploding coin value for over two years, effective January, 2017, OneCoin severed affiliates from their invested funds. Over 2017 OneCoin continued to [Continue reading…]

OneCoin offices raided, Bulgarian authorities finally react

Bulgarian authorities seemingly doing nothing while OneCoin operated a multi-million dollar Ponzi scheme has been a running joke. Now, working in cooperation with Eurojust and Interpol, the Specialized Prosecutors Office raided OneCoin’s Sofia offices over January 17th and 18th.

Chris Principe OneCoin defamation case heads to mediation

Following two pre-trial defeats, Chris Principe’s defamation lawsuit against Tim Curry is heading to mediation.

To promote DagCoin, Igor Alberts slams Ponzi he earned millions in

Last weekend Igor Alberts fronted a DagCoin recruitment event in Tallinn, Estonia. His marketing strategy? Slamming the collapsed Ponzi scheme he stole millions of dollars through.

Ted Nuyten and BusinessForHome stop shilling OneCoin

BusinessForHome’s first article on OneCoin was published on April 1st, 2015. Not a joke by any stretch of the imagination, in it Ted Nuyten reported on OneCoin’s purchase of the Conligus affiliate-base. This paved the way for victims who lost money in the original Conligus penny auction pyramid scheme to be double-scammed. Rather than report [Continue reading…]