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OneCoin investor’s airline money laundering scheme thwarted

Following its launch in late 2014, Pehr Karlsson emerged as one of OneCoin’s early top investors. Operating out of Sweden and placed directly below Juha Parhiala, Karlsson is believed to have stolen over 7 million EUR from OneCoin victims. Like most of OneCoin’s top earners, Karlsson bailed from OneCoin after it collapsed early last year. [Continue reading…]

OneCoin’s blockchain lies exposed by GDPR

As annoying as the GDPR might be, lo and behold some good has come of it. Before we get into that though, let’s revisit early 2017.

Chinese authorities differentiate OneCoin points from legitimate crypto

We’ve been covering the Chinese investigation into OneCoin since April, 2016. Owing to Ruja Ignatova’s roots with BigCoin, a similar Ponzi points scheme that primarily targeted Asia, China initially emerged as a primary source of OneCoin investment. Along with all but a few third-world countries, investor recruitment in China died early last year after OneCoin [Continue reading…]

Singapore govt refers to OneCoin & BitConnect as Ponzi pyramids

In a May 25th press-release addressing digital tokens, the Singapore government has singled out OneCoin and BitConnect as Ponzi pyramid schemes.

119 OneCoin arrests in China, $7.1M of Greenwood’s funds frozen

Putting to shame the endless parade of warnings issued elsewhere in the world, Chinese authorities have made another 119 OneCoin related arrests. Public court documents have also detailed the recovery of a large sum of money stolen from OneCoin victims, including $7.2 million stashed in a bank account belonging to Sebastian Greenwood.

OneCoin a “pyramid game” for tax in Sweden, not a cryptocurrency

Evidently OneCoin investment in Sweden has resulted in a few taxation issues popping up. While the level of investment into OneCoin from Sweden as a whole isn’t known, it’s significant enough for the Swedish Taxation Authority to add a OneCoin query to its cryptocurrency taxation FAQ. The fourth question on the Swedish Tax Authority’s FAQ [Continue reading…]

OneCoin a “high risk pyramid scheme” in Samoa, transactions banned

OneCoin investment in Samoa has set off alarm bells, prompting the Central Bank to direct financial institutions to block investment into the scheme.

Major crypto MLM bust in Pakistan (OneCoin, FirstCoin, Eagle Bit Trade)

Authorities in Pakistan have “unearthed a huge business racket” in Pakistan, with those involved accused of promoting several dubious MLM opportunities.

Teacher who tried to recruit students into OneCoin & LifePlus fired

A serial scammer has been fired following revelations she tried to recruit students into dubious MLM schemes.

OneCoin an “endless spiral” of black hole shell companies

With OneCoin promotional activity dead in all but the most third-world’est of countries, one could easily gain the impression that nothing much going on at a corporate level. Not so. Just last month OneCoin corporate was busy setting up a new wave of shell companies to cover their tracks through.