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If you’ve been searching for a new MLM business opportunity you’ve probably run across the marketing phrase ‘unlimited income potential’ at some point. Infact I’d wager it’s one of the most over used spiels used to market MLM business opportunities today.

What does it mean though? Unlimited income potential.

On face value, unlimited income potential is exactly that; A business opportunity in which you’ve got access to make an income for yourself ranging from $0 to an annual six or seven figure income and beyond.

The reality of such claims as unlimited income potential however are quite different. Here’s why.

For starters no matter which MLM business opportunity you join and what products your marketing, there’s always going to be a fixed market wanting to purchase of you.

Even if you’re selling basic human need staples such as food and water, factors such as delivery methods, cost comparativeness based on customer locale, local competition, global competition and competing distributors from within your own company are all going to factor into limiting your potential market.

If we contract our available market by specialising in a niche product (as is the case with any MLM business opportunity out there), this potential market shrinks even further by the simple virtue of supply and demand.

Niches, whatever they be, by nature have a limited available potential customer base you can market to.

When it comes to an income via an MLM business opportunity, you’re naturally limited by your potential market and this is where the unlimited income potential claim fails to deliver.

And it doesn’t get any better if we throw reality out the window either. Imagine if by some miracle you were able to market your MLM business opportunity or product to every single person on the planet. Not only that but every single person on the planet was interested and made a purchase. Infact so useful and of value are the products you market that each and every person on the planet decides they can’t live without them and decide to put in recurring orders from you.

Even in this hypothetical you’ve still got a capped income potential based on the fixed population of the Earth. Sure you’ll have a massively large annual income, but unlimited? I think not.

Unlimited is truly unlimited and whilst it sounds enticing as a marketing spiel the reality of MLM business opportunities (or any business opportunity for that matter), is that by joining one you’re never truly going to be in an unlimited income situation. It’s just not possible in reality or a perfect hypothetical.

Food for thought the next time someone tries to pitch you one with a straight face.