On September 30th Thai hip hop trio Natee “Oui” Eakwichit released an MLM diss track.

Titled “Puan Hai Pror Kai Trong”, which translates to “Losing Friends Because Of Direct Sales”,

the song’s sarcastic lyrics talk about a jobless man who was suggested by friends to work as a network marketer if he wanted to get rich quickly and retire before 30 years old.

But the man later found all his friends distanced themselves from him as they apparently did not want to listen to his sales pitch or get involved with the network marketing business.

The man finally quit his job.

Sound familiar?

Protests began shortly after the song’s release, with ‘many people in the (MLM industry‘ calling for the song’s ban on social media.

Oui also received support, mostly from people who

said it truly reflected their bad experience when getting a surprise call from a long-lost friend-turned-network marketer and their supposed reunion turned out to serve the sales purpose instead.

Politician Kritanong Suwannawon spearheaded protests against the song.

Ms Kritanong said the lyrics were more suited to an illegal pyramid scheme or money game rather than network marketing.

The song insulted many people’s profession while generalising them as being bad and unwanted persons.

Oui originally responded by stating that “those in the network marketing business … should not be upset if they were not the bad type like the one mentioned in his song.”

As a compromise Oui changed the song’s title to “Puan Hai Pror Kai Orm”, which translates to “Losing Friends Because Of Indirect Sales”.

He also released copyright claims on any MLM company that wished to use the song and claimed the song “would benefit those who sell honestly.”

Kritanong accepted the compromise and in a thank you note to the artist ‘said she would buy a ticket to his concert.’

While I’m not too sure about the hip hop label, Oiu’s song is certainly catchy enough.

Even if you don’t speak Thai, the video gives you the general gist of the song.