ViaVeta was founded in 2019 and operates in the personal care MLM niche.

ViaVeta provides a corporate address in the Netherlands on its website. Heading up the company however is founder and CEO Hedi Khezrzadeh, who as far as I can tell is based out of Turkey.

Beyond being incorporated as Viaveta Netherlands B.V, I’m not sure what ViaVeta’s connection to the Netherlands is.

Khezrzadeh (right) made a name for himself in the MLM industry as a top earner in Mega Holdings.

Mega Holdings was a pyramid scheme, built around selling overpriced web services. Mega Holdings collapsed in early 2018.

ViaVeta’s primary website domain, “”, was registered in July 2018. The company’s official FaceBook page was created in September 2018, suggesting this was on or around its launch.

Read on for a full review of ViaVeta’s MLM opportunity.

ViaVeta’s Products

ViaVeta markets a small range of personal care products:

  • La Joanne Face Serum – “helps to reduce signs of aging, minimize the appearance of lines & wrinkles while supporting the skin’s regenerating process for a younger-looking feel”, retails at $165 a bottle
  • La Joanne Eye Cream – “for youthful-looking and rejuvenating eyes”, retails at $143 for a 1.01 fl. oz. tub (30 ml)
  • La Joanne Face Cream – “helps the skin become firmer, softer and more radiant looking”, retails at $154 a tub
  • ViaLife Hy-Collagen – “this powerful, nutrient-dense formula includes collagen, hyaluronic acid, and all seven of the necessary vitamins for radiantly beautiful hair, skin, and nails”, retails at $138 a pouch

I’ve added container/serving size where I can. It should be noted that, while retail and detailed pricing is provided, ViaVeta’s website mostly doesn’t provide container or serving sizes.

ViaVeta also don’t provide manufacturing details. I did read the products are made in Turkey and Switzerland

For those wanting to buy in bulk, ViaVeta’s products are also available in a $374 Skincare Pack and $594 Perfect Skin Pack.

ViaVeta’s Compensation Plan

ViaVeta’s compensation plan is an interesting take on paying out on total unilevel team volume.

ViaVeta Affiliate Ranks

There are twenty-three affiliate ranks within ViaVeta’s compensation plan.

Along with their respective qualification criteria, they are as follows:

  1. QI – refer two ViaVeta customers who have each purchased 60 PV or more of product
  2. QI 1 – generate and maintain 180 GV over a rolling 31 day period
  3. QI 1.1 – generate and maintain 360 GV over a rolling 31 day period
  4. QI 1.2 – generate and maintain 540 GV over a rolling 31 day period
  5. QI 2 – generate and maintain 1080 GV over a rolling 31 day period
  6. QI 2.1 – generate and maintain 1620 GV over a rolling 31 day period
  7. QI 2.2 – generate and maintain 2160 GV over a rolling 31 day period
  8. QI 3 – generate and maintain 2880 GV over a rolling 31 day period
  9. QI 3.1 – generate and maintain 3960 GV over a rolling 31 day period
  10. QI 3.2 – generate and maintain 5400 GV over a rolling 31 day period
  11. QI  4 – generate and maintain 7200 GV over a rolling 31 day period
  12. QI 4.1 – generate and maintain 12,000 GV over a rolling 31 day period
  13. QI 4.2 – generate and maintain 21,000 GV over a rolling 31 day period
  14. QI 5 – generate and maintain 42,000 GV over a rolling 31 day period
  15. QI 5.1 – generate and maintain 60,000 GV over a rolling 31 day period
  16. QI 5.2 – generate and maintain 90,000 GV over a rolling 31 day period
  17. QI 6 – generate and maintain 120,000 GV over a rolling 31 day period
  18. QI 6.1 – generate and maintain 180,000 GV over a rolling 31 day period
  19. QI 6.2 – generate and maintain 240,000 GV over a rolling 31 day period
  20. QI 7 – generate and maintain 300,000 GV over a rolling 31 day period
  21. QI 7.1 – generate and maintain 600,000 GV over a rolling 31 day period
  22. QI 7.2 – generate and maintain 900,000 GV over a rolling 31 day period
  23. QI 8 – generate and maintain 1,200,000 GV over a rolling 31 day period

GV stands for “Group Volume”. GV is sales volume generated across a ViaVeta’s entire downline. This includes retail orders.

Note that 55% of required GV must be retail order volume. Also only up to 40% of required GV can be counted from any one unilevel team leg.

MLM Commission Qualification

To qualify for MLM commissions, ViaVeta requires affiliates to generate and maintain 55% of their total sales volume as retail sales.

Retail Commissions

ViaVeta affiliates earn commissions on the sale of products to retail customers.

Retail commissions are paid as the difference between the retail and whole price of products ordered by retail customers.

ViaVeta’s compensation plan states “wholesale is typically 10% less than Retail.”

Referral Commissions

ViaVeta affiliates earn a 15% commission personally referred sales volume. I believe this includes both retail and recruited affiliate orders.

5% is paid on on level 2 for both retail and recruited affiliate order volume.

Residual Commissions

ViaVeta pays residual commissions via a unilevel compensation structure.

A unilevel compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team, with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them (level 1):

If any level 1 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 2 of the original affiliate’s unilevel team.

If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 3 and so on and so forth down a theoretical infinite number of levels.

Residual commissions are calculated and paid daily based on rank:

  1. QI 1 affiliates earn 40 cents
  2. QI 1.1 affiliates earn 70 cents
  3. QI 1.2 affiliates earn $1
  4. QI 2 affiliates earn $2
  5. QI 2.1 affiliates earn $3
  6. QI 2.2 affiliates  $4
  7. QI 3 affiliates earn $6
  8. QI 3.1 affiliates earn $8
  9. QI 3.2 affiliates earn $12
  10. QI 4 affiliates earn $15
  11. QI 4.1 affiliates earn $25
  12. QI 4.2 affiliates earn $45
  13. QI 5 affiliates earn $90
  14. QI 5.1 affiliates earn $125
  15. QI 5.2 affiliates earn $200
  16. QI 6 affiliates earn $300
  17. QI 6.1 affiliates earn $400
  18. QI 6.2 affiliates earn $600
  19. QI 7 affiliates earn $800
  20. QI 7.1 affiliates earn $1600
  21. QI 7.2 affiliates earn $2400
  22. QI 8 affiliates earn $3200

Matching Bonus

ViaVeta affiliates earn a 25% Matching Bonus on residual commissions earned by personally recruited affiliates.

Coded Matching Bonus

In addition to the 25% direct Matching Bonus, another 66% is paid out via a Coded Matching Bonus.

  • QI 1 ranked affiliates earn a 10% Coded Matching Bonus
  • QI 1.1 ranked affiliates earn a 12% Coded Matching Bonus
  • QI 1.2 ranked affiliates earn a 14% Coded Matching Bonus
  • QI 2 ranked affiliates earn an 18% Coded Matching Bonus
  • QI 2.1 ranked affiliates earn a 20% Coded Matching Bonus
  • QI 2.2 ranked affiliates earn a 22% Coded Matching Bonus
  • QI 3 ranked affiliates earn a 26% Coded Matching Bonus
  • QI 3.1 ranked affiliates earn a 28% Coded Matching Bonus
  • QI 3.2 ranked affiliates earn a 30 % Coded Matching Bonus
  • QI 4 ranked affiliates earn a 34% Coded Matching Bonus
  • QI 4.1 ranked affiliates earn a 36% Coded Matching Bonus
  • QI 4.2 ranked affiliates earn a 38% Coded Matching Bonus
  • QI 5 ranked affiliates earn a 42% Coded Matching Bonus
  • QI 5.1 ranked affiliates earn a 44% Coded Matching Bonus
  • QI 5.2 ranked affiliates earn a 46% Coded Matching Bonus
  • QI 6 ranked affiliates earn a 50% Coded Matching Bonus
  • QI 6.1 ranked affiliates earn a 52% Coded Matching Bonus
  • QI 6.2 ranked affiliates earn a 54% Coded Matching Bonus
  • QI 7 ranked affiliates earn a 58% Coded Matching Bonus
  • QI 7.1 ranked affiliates earn a 60% Coded Matching Bonus
  • QI 7.2 ranked affiliates earn a 62% Coded Matching Bonus
  • QI 8 ranked affiliates earn a 66% Coded Matching Bonus

The coded nature of the bonus kicks in when higher ranked affiliates earn the difference between their rank and lower ranked affiliates.

E.g. a QI 5 ranked affiliate receives a 42% Coded Matching Bonus. This still leaves 24% to be paid out.

The 24% is paid out to QI 5.1 and higher ranked affiliates, depending on who is found first upline via the unilevel team.

The Coded Matching Bonus stops when a QI 8 ranked affiliate is found. QI 8 ranked affiliates either receive the full 66% on personally referred volume, or whatever remains to be paid out on someone’s volume.

Joining ViaVeta

ViaVeta affiliate membership is free.

Commissions are qualified for by referring two customers and signing an affiliate agreement.

ViaVeta Conclusion

Technically there are no retail customers in ViaVeta. Everyone is an affiliate that either has or hasn’t qualified for commissions.

Influencer [I]: Those who opt to upgrade their account to participate in Influencer Rewards.

As a Free User or Active Customer, to upgrade to Influencer simply share ViaVeta with 2 people who have purchased product(s) of 60 VP or more. You can then upgrade from your back office by completing our KYC process.

There is no fee or purchase requirement to become an Influencer.

This is normally a problem (see HerbaLife and Vemma). ViaVeta’s 55% retail volume requirement however balances out the otherwise non-compliant “everyone is an affiliate” model.

The “V-Bucks” incentive (essentially repurposed single-level commissions for non-qualified affiliates), are a great retail incentive.

ViaVeta retail customers earn V-Bucks in lieu of commissions until they’ve referred to order-placing customers. V-Bucks can only be spent on ViaVeta products.

All in all ViaVeta’s compensation plan is interesting. Affiliates are paid binary team style, calculated daily, except through a unilevel team and based on a rolling 31-day qualification period.

I’m not 100% on the reasoning for this, specifically whether it’s advantageous towards affiliates or ViaVeta.

One thing the model introduces is potential commission volatility. Seeing as residual commissions are calculated daily, if a large amount of volume expired within a 31-day period and wasn’t rebalanced, that could case a huge swing in an affiliate’s commissions for the month.

Instead of getting smoothed out over the month though, the affiliate would see the swing in real time each day. I’m not sure how healthy that is in building an MLM business.

While ViaVeta’s compensation plan is retail oriented and a different approach, I feel the company is massively let down by its product offering.

ViaVeta’s cobbling together of four personal-care products seems random. Why these products, where do they come from and is such a small selection even enough to build a business around.

Remember these are personal care products, not supplements. People have personal care routines and there needs to be a compelling reason to try something new or change that routine.

When I discovered ViaVeta’s Turkish website, things made a bit more sense.

As opposed to the four products on ViaVeta’s western website, the Turkish site has twenty-five products. It’s a much more robust offering.

I don’t know what the reason for the discrepancy is, but the end-result is, comparatively, ViaVeta’s “outside Turkey” offering comes across as a half-assed cash grab.

I’m sure there’s a corporate reason for the gimped offering – but that’s neither ViaVeta’s customers’ or affiliates’ problem. Certainly there’s no explanation provided by ViaVeta on their website.

The retail-centric compensation plan is great, but I just don’t think there’s enough there to market a viable MLM opportunity.