traffic-network-club-logoTraffic Network Club claim to be based out of Louisiana and owned by George Bonck.

On the 13th of July Bonck published the following on Facebook:

George-Bonck-owner-traffic-network-clubTraffic Network Club is launching now, I am the admin and owner. Traffic Network Club,LLC.

George Bonck (right) was promoting the VidCommX pyramid scheme back in 2014 on both Google Plus and YouTube.

Read on for a full review of the Traffic Network Club MLM opportunity.

The Traffic Network Club Product Line

Traffic Network Club has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Traffic Network Club affiliate membership itself.

Once signed up, Traffic Network Club affiliates can invest in “Club Shares”.

Bundled with each Club Share investment are a series of advertising credits, which can be used to display advertising on the Traffic Network Club website.

The Traffic Network Club Compensation Plan

Traffic Network Club affiliates purchase $25 “shares” on the promise of a $35 ROI after 35 days.

A referral commission of 10% is paid out on each $25 investment personally recruited affiliates make.

Recruitment Commissions

Each Traffic Network Club affiliate must pay a $15 a month fee.

When a Traffic Network Club affiliate recruits a new affiliate, they receive $5 of the affiliate’s monthly fee each month.

Weekly Bonus Pool

20% of funds invested in Traffic Network Club are placed in the Weekly Bonus Pool.

Traffic Network Club affiliates can qualify for a share in the bonus pool by satisfying the following daily criteria:

  • spamming Facebook with likes and shares
  • spamming Google Plus and
  • viewing company-provided YouTube videos

Joining Traffic Network Club

Full affiliate membership in the Traffic Network Club income opportunity requires payment of a $15 a month fee.

Free affiliates can only earn recruitment and referral commissions.


We only offer $25 club shares to purchase. Every $25 club share pays out a 140% return which is a $10 profit on each club share purchased.

Traffic Network Club is a simple adcredit Ponzi scheme.

Affiliates invest $25 on the promise of a 140% ROI, which is paid out of subsequently invested funds.

The payment of ROIs to existing affiliates using newly invested funds makes Traffic Club Network a Ponzi scheme.

The recruitment and referral commissions ad a pyramid scheme layer to the business, incentivizing affiliate recruitment. This is done because without a constant injection of newly invested funds, Traffic Network Club will collapse.

When affiliate recruitment dies out and Traffic Network Club can no longer meet its ROI obligations, affiliates who have not stolen more than they’ve invested and paid in fees from subsequent affiliates loses out.

The mathematics of Ponzi schemes guarantees this will be the majority of Traffic Network Club affiliates.


Update 5th August 2016 – George Bonck has advised via email:

I have read your article about my site and I have to agree with the ponzi aspect of it.

Since my intention is to create a advertising network, I have removed the ad packs from my site and will no longer take part in that.

The Traffic Network Club website now advises that affiliates pay $10 a month and receive

  • 10% of advertising purchases made by personally recruited affiliates
  • $5 a month per Traffic Network Club affiliate recruited
  • a share in 30% of purchases of company-wide advertising services

Free Traffic Network Club affiliates earn are excluded from the bonus pool.

While the Ponzi aspect of Traffic Network Club is gone, it may now operate a pyramid scheme if only affiliates are purchasing advertising.