OLSP System fails to provide ownership or executive information on its public-facing website.

OLSP System operates from the domain (“olspsystem.com”), was registered back in July 2020. The private registration was last updated on July 2nd, 2023.

Presently, OLSP System’s website is nothing more than an affiliate login/signup form:

With a bit of technical manipulation we land on a non-public page that identifies Wayne Crowe as OLSP System’s founder.

Crowe operates OLSP System through Wayne Crowe Limited, a company registered in the UK back in 2016.

Normally I’d flag a UK company as a red flag but it appears Wayne Crowe is a UK resident.

On social media Crowe presents himself as “affiliate marketer of the year”. What authority that’s on or for what year is unclear.

Based on his YouTube channel, Crowe has an internet marketing history going back at least five years. “Traffic Domination” is a recurring theme on his channel.

Like OLSP System, Traffic Domination’s homepage is nothing more than an affiliate login/signup form.

On the MLM side of things, circa 2021 Crowe was promoting iCoinPro.

iCoinPro launched in 2017 and, while retail was possible, built a business around $39.95 a month autoship recruitment.

Promotion for OLSP System on Crowe’s YouTube channel began in early 2021. It appears to have initially been an opportunity launched within Traffic Domination.

Read on for a full review of OLSP System’s MLM opportunity.

OLSP System’s Products

OLSP System sells a marketing suite they call “The Mega Builder”.

The Mega Builder: A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software system that includes an email autoresponder, analytics tools, and 2-way SMS.

Services available within The Mega Builder include:

Access to The Mega Builder costs $99 a month.

OLSP System upsells include:

  • Mega Messenger – $47 a month, “allows businesses to generate leads from Facebook and follow up with them seamlessly through automated Direct Messages”
  • TD Pages – $47 a month, “website builder software”
  • Mega Link – $7 a month, “software platform for commission-based sales people to increase their sales via social media marketing”
  • Magick Link – $7, email list building software
  • Traffic Rotator – $47 a month, lead generator
  • OLSP VIP – $6500, “personalized coaching program”
  • OLSP Elite – $15,000, “technical set up of software solutions and training for commission-based sales teams”
  • OLSP Elite Plus – $25,000, “lifetime access to all OLSP programs”
  • FaceBook 101 – $49, “training program on how to effectively generate website traffic, leads, and sales from Facebook”
  • Vertical Videos – $299, “training program on video marketing using social media”
  • Free Traffic Challenge Fast Start – no price provided, “training program that trains and challenges businesses to generate free traffic to their website using social media”

OLSP System’s Compensation Plan

OLSP System affiliates earn commissions down two levels of recruitment. This is a unilevel system, with personally referred retail customers also counted on level 1.

Note that specific commission rates for all of OLSP System’s products are not disclosed. Here are a few examples featured in OLSP System’s website FAQ:

  • Team Builder (affiliate membership) pays 40% for monthly membership and 50% for lifetime membership (note lifetime Team Builder membership costs are not disclosed)
  • Mega Messenger pays a 40% commission

OLSP System’s website FAQ additionally states;

On average, affiliates might earn between 1-10%, with some categories being on the lower end, around 1-3%.

Joining OLSP System

OLSP System affiliate membership, referred to internally as “Team Builders”, costs $199 a month

OLSP System affiliate membership provides access to the company’s “Mega Builders” marketing suite.

OLSP System Conclusion

OLSP System has some pretty major disclosure issues. These alone are red flag violations of the FTC Act.

Note that while OLSP System represents it operates from the UK, as of March 2024 SimilarWeb tracked the US as its top source of website traffic (31%).

As to OLSP System’s products, what tends to happen in marketing suite MLM opportunities is the suite winds up being primarily used to promote the MLM company itself.

Here’s an example from one OLSP System affiliate promoter;

The good part about this system is, that you don’t have to teach it, it is all automated.

All you have to know is how to show the system to other people. People who are interested in making money online.

The OLSP is teaching this. If you follow the steps, you can not fail.

This isn’t a problem in and of itself but if the majority of company-wide sales revenue is being derived from affiliates promoting the company, the MLM company is operating as a pyramid scheme.

This tends to be the case with most MLM marketing suite companies.

On the MLM side of things OLSP System is simple, paying commissions across two tiers. It’s the bare minimum to qualify for MLM with no additional bonus bells or whistles.

Again however we have disclosure issues related to OLSP System commission rates.

Considering Wayne Crowe claims “he designed OLSP to stand against scams and deceit”, evidently there’s still work to do if he wants to satisfy regulatory disclosure requirements.

In summary; If an MLM company doesn’t provide consumers with enough information and disclosures to perform adequate due-diligence, it’s an easy avoid.