MoneyTime provides no information on its website about who owns or runs the company.

MoneyTime’s website domain (“”) was first registered in August 2020. The private registration was last updated on May 10th, 2021.

I suspect whoever is running MoneyTime is operating from India.

This is based on most of MoneyTime’s marketing being done by Indians. Alexa also currently ranks India as the top source of traffic to MoneyTime’s website at 36%.

Canada is the only other notable source of traffic at 25%.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

MoneyTime’s Products

MoneyTime has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market MoneyTime affiliate membership itself.

MoneyTime affiliate membership provides “access to hundreds of video courses”.

MoneyTime’s Compensation Plan

MoneyTime affiliates purchase memberships:

  • ARP5 – $5
  • ARP20 – $20
  • ARP100 – $100
  • ARP300 – $300
  • ARP500 – $500

With the exception of ARP5, each membership purchase pays an “ongoing profit share”.

MoneyTime doesn’t provide details on how frequent returns are paid.

Note that returns are paid as long as MoneyTime affiliates continue to pay an additional $10 weekly fee.

The MLM side of MoneyTime pays on recruitment of new affiliates.

Referral Commissions

MoneyTime affiliates receive a referral commission on recruitment of affiliates.

How much of a referral commission is paid out is determined by how much a recruited affiliate spends in fees:

  • recruit an ARP5 affiliate and receive 50 cents
  • recruit an ARP20 affiliate and receive $2
  • recruit an ARP100 affiliate and receive $10
  • recruit an ARP300 affiliate and receive $30
  • recruit an ARP500 affiliate and receive $50

Matching Bonus

MoneyTime pays a Matching Bonus on earnings by personally recruited affiliates.

Matching Bonus rates are determined by the following qualification criteria:

  • Bronze (recruit at least one affiliate) – 25% Matching Bonus
  • Silver (recruit at least five affiliates) – 50% Matching Bonus
  • Gold (recruit at least ten affiliates) – 100% Matching Bonus

Note that in order to count towards the Matching Bonus, recruited affiliates must be paying their weekly $10 fee.

MoneyTime Infinity Plan

MoneyTime’s Infinity Plan appears to be shuffling around of $5 payments across a unilevel team.

The explanation of the bonus is pretty poor and how the payments are shuffled around isn’t really explained:

Joining MoneyTime

MoneyTime affiliate membership is $10 a week plus a membership tier purchase:

  • ARP5 – $5
  • ARP20 – $20
  • ARP100 – $100
  • ARP300 – $300
  • ARP500 – $500

The primary difference between the five tiers is income potential.


MoneyTime began as a simple five-tier 4×1 matrix cycler.

That seems to have collapsed and so now it’s just a standard “profit sharing” Ponzi scheme.

MoneyTime claims it generates external revenue via a “managed trading account”.

In light of the Ponzi cycler reboot, that seems unlikely.

Whereas a cycler ties payments to filling up of a matrix, “profit share” lets MoneyTime’s admin shuffle funds around as they see fit.

Funds coming in via recruitment can be stretched thinly across all affiliates, or manipulated for selective payments.

There’s also some $5 a ticket lottery nonsense, which MoneyTime claims

can reach a top prize of $200,000 each day for MULTIPLE people!

No further details are provided. Based on simple math though, it should be obvious that the chance of even one person winning a $200,000 lotto monthly in MoneyTime is slim to none.

The rest of MoneyTime’s compensation plan is pyramid recruitment.

Hilariously, MoneyTime claims to have

an extremely unique coded commission plan that took 20 years to design. It pays out on unlimited width and depth, yet maintains to be a single-level affiliate program, rather than an MLM scheme.

I believe this pertains to the Infinity Plan, which is so complicated MoneyTime don’t even bother to adequately explain it.

Sometime something $5 payments are shuffled around. I can tell you what determines how $5 payments are shuffled around didn’t take 20 years to come up with.

Having already collapsed once, MoneyTime will again collapse when recruitment tanks.

The math behind MLM Ponzi schemes guarantees that when they collapse, the majority of participants lose money.


Update 13th March 2022 – A reader in the comments below has informed me MoneyTime has ditched its $10 weekly in favor of a $10 annual fee.

I believe the same qualification criteria is tied to the fee, subject to annual renewal.