million-dollar-cycler-logoThere is no information on the Million Dollar Cycler website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Million Dollar Cycler website domain (“”) was registered on the 19th of March 2015, however the domain registration is set to private.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

The Million Dollar Cycler Product Line

Million Dollar Cycler has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market affiliate membership with the company itself.

Once signed up, Million Dollar Cycler affiliates are then able to make investments with the company. Bundled with each of these investments are a series of advertising credits, which can be used to display advertising on the Million Dollar Cycler website itself.

The Million Dollar Cycler Compensation Plan

The Million Dollar Cycler compensation plan sees affiliates invest between $10 to $97, on the promise of advertised ROIs:

  • $10 investment = $12.50 ROI
  • $20 investment = $27 ROI
  • $35 investment = $52.50 ROI
  • $50 investment = $87.50 ROI
  • $97 investment = $200 ROI

No timeframe is given for the ROI payouts, although the name of the company suggests a matrix cycler is used to track investments. If so, the size of the matrix used is not disclosed.

Referral commissions are paid on funds invested by recruited Million Dollar Cycler affiliates.

Using a unilevel compensation structure, Million Dollar Cycler pay a 5% referral commission through five levels of recruitment.

Joining Million Dollar Cycler

Affiliate membership with Million Dollar Cycler is free, however affiliates must invest if they wish to get paid.

As such the defacto minimum cost of Million Dollar Cycler affiliate membership is $10.


Whether Million Dollar Cycler are indeed using a matrix cycler compensation model or not, the fact remains that the company simply shuffles newly invested funds around to pay off existing investors.

An alternative to a matrix cycler would be a straight-line cycler, but the end result is the same – Million Dollar Cycler functions as a Ponzi scheme.

Affiliates invest funds on the expectation of advertised ROIs, with these ROIs paid out of subsequently invested funds.

This is evidenced by Million Dollar Cycler’s “no refunds” refund policy:

Do you issue refunds?
Please Note: We do not issue refunds under any circumstances.

The reason Million Dollar Cycler can’t offer refunds is because the second you hand over funds, they’re gone. You then sit and hope that someone invests after you, so that you can steal from them.

As with all Ponzi schemes, once new affiliate investment dries up Million Dollar Cycler will find itself unable to meet it’s advertised ROI obligations.

Affiliates will start to notice longer and longer wait times for investment maturity, followed by an inevitable collapse (or the anonymous admin doing a runner with what funds remain trapped in the system).