LocalAdClick best in class products, services, and solutions in innovative and cost effective ways. The company owns and operates three divisions:

i-SUPPLY which provides easy to use, fully customizable E-commerce services and revenue solutions for any Web site, large or small.

LocalAdClick, is a local search directory and advertising network that brings local advertising to geo-targeted consumers.

ViSim.com is the leading niche portal and social networking site for Baby Boomers and Generation Jones.

If you took LocalAdClick’s description of itself seriously, you’d believe that the company was a global series of portals with a high-tech advertising platform serving ads to a large network of users.

Big brand websites, big brand advertising and big big profits for everyone right?


Read on for a full review of the LocalAdClick MLM opportunity.

The Company

LocalAdClick do not mention who owns or runs the company on their website.

The domains ‘localadclick.com’ and ‘localadclick.net’ were registered on June 25th 2011 and the whois information is set to private.

The company portal ‘i-Supply’ mentioned on LocalAdClick’s website doesn’t seem to exist.

‘isupplyco.com’ is a delivery service operating out of Ohio in the US and isupply.com is a market research company owned by ‘IHS Inc.’, who as far as I can tell have nothing to do with localadclick.

The third portal, ‘vism.com’ is claimed to be ‘he leading niche portal and social networking site for Baby Boomers and Generation Jones’, but a quick visit to the site instead reveals that it’s the domain of ‘Visionology Interactive Media’, a design studio that has nothing to do with social networking.

Visim.com was registered as a domain way back in 1999 and it appears it also has nothing to do with LocalAdClick.

The LocalAdClick Product

Discounting both LocalAdClick’s claimed ties to social networking and ‘e-commerce solutions’, because i-Supply and visim.com are in no way connected to them, this leaves us with LocalAdClick’s local business directory.

At this point your probably wondering how a product ties into a business directory and a MLM opportunity. Well, the short answer is it doesn’t.

Advertising wise the business enquiry page for LocalAdClick is almost laughable.

They provide no prices and don’t request you ask them for a quote, instead potential businesses simply provide some YouTube links, your budget an email address and mobile.

That’s it, afterwhich presumably the people running LocalAdClick may or may not call you up and ask for money to put your YouTube videos on their website.

A quick look over at LocalAdClick.com reveals a Nike ad, shamelessly ripped from Youtube after being uploaded by some random user.

Obviously LocalAdClick have no commercial agreement with Nike but they want you to think they do.

Likewise in using random Youtube videos in their advertising network, LocalAdClick’s claims of brining ‘local advertising to geo-targeted consumers‘ are also bogus.

Even the classifieds published at LocalAdClick.com are fraudulently copied from other networks and as such are all listed for $0.00.

For example, an 11 week old chihuahua ad was supposedly published on LocalAdClick in October, yet the exact same advertisement appears on a free classifieds site for Toronto, Canada dated March of this year.

I tested this with 10 randomly sampled ads listed on LocalAdClick and every single one of them was copied from another classified site.

Given this, it’s quite obvious the owners are using automation tools to populate LocalAdClick’s classified section with bogus out of date ads from other networks.

You can verify this yourself by picking any classified ad at random from LocalAdClick, selecting a line at random and performing an exact phrase search in Google (wrap the phrase in talking marks) along with the city the classified is allegedly from.

Of course the idea isn’t for you to take their advertising network or classified listings at LocalAdClick.com seriously, but more on that in the conclusion of this review.

The LocalAdClick Compensation Plan

The LocalAdClick compensation plan surprisingly has nothing to do with advertisements or the supposedly genuine classifieds published on LocalAdClick.

Instead, members are paid for watching ads (more on this in the conclusion of the article) and recruiting other to the team.

AdStation Commissions

Depending on which level members join LocalAdClick at (how much money they pay to the company in membership fees), LocalAdClick pay out a commission when its members watch ads the company provides for watching.

These commissions are paid weekly and capped as follows;

  • Bronze Membership – $12.50
  • Silver Membership – $25
  • Gold Membership – $50

Binary Commissions

LocalAdClick members are paid a commission based on the amount of new members brought into the company each day.

Upon joining LocalAdClick, members are placed at the top of a binary organisation.

The way a binary works is starting with you at the top, two legs branch out on either side – forming two teams (A and B).

From these two legs, another two legs form and so on and so forth. As you start to grow your LocalAdClick binary organisation, it will start to look something like this;

The commissions LocalAdClick pay out on this binary depends on the amount of new groups of three members an existing member has recruited at the end of each day.

To make a group, you simply need to recruit three new LocalAdClick members, split either 2:1 or 1:2 (A/B teams).

For example, if you recruit a new member on your A team, you need to also recruit 2 new members on your B team to make a group.

The same applies vice-versa (2 on your A team requires 1 on your B team to make a group).

For each new group you make at the end of each day, LocalAdClick will pay out a commission of $50 capped at 14 groups a day ($700).

Group Rewards

In addition to the daily group commissions outlined above, LocalAdClick also keep a running tally of your groups and pay you out a bonus commission for certain group milestones.

These milestones and their associated commissions are as follows;

  • 10 groups = $100
  • 20 groups = $250
  • 50 groups = $500
  • 100 groups = $1000
  • 500 groups = $2500
  • 1000 groups = $5000
  • 5000 groups = $10,000
  • 10,000 groups = $100,000
  • 25,000 groups = $250,000

Fast Track Incentives

The Fast Track Incentives again reward LocalAdClick members for forming groups, but only pay out if the targets set are achieved within a 7 day (Monday to Sunday) time period.

The groups needed and their associated rewards are as follows;

  • 10 groups = diamond ring
  • 20 groups = iPhone
  • 30 groups = laptop
  • 40 groups = bike
  • 50 groups = foreign trip
  • 100 groups = “Alto” (car?)
  • 150 groups = i-10 Hyundai

No further specifics on any of these rewards are provided.

Mega Incentives

As with the Fast Track Incentives, LocalAdClick members are given the opportunity to earn Mega Incentives if they reach group and personal recruitment targets within 100 days of joining LocalAdClick.

These incentives and their group requirements are as follows;

  • 50 groups and 3 personally recruitment members = laptop
  • 100 groups and 4 personally recruited members = foreign trip
  • 250 groups and 6 personally recruited members = i-10 Hyundai
  • 500 groups and 8 personally recruited members = Honda City
  • 1000 groups and 10 personally recruited members = Mercedes
  • 10,000 groups and 15 personally recruited members = Jaguar

Again, no further specifics on any of the incentives offered is provided.

Joining LocalAdClick

Those wishing to join LocalAdClick have three options open to them;

  • Bronze Membership – $150 ($12.50 AdStation cap)
  • Silver Membership – $250 ($25 AdStation cap)
  • Gold Membership – $500 ($50 AdStation cap)

I believe all LocalAdClick membership levels are annual payments.


We have no idea who is running LocalAdClick and despite the company claiming to have three websites within the business, one clearly doesn’t exist (i-Supply) and the other has nothing to do with them (ViSlim.com).

On the one property the company does own, LocalAdClick, the website is filled with fake classified scraped from other sites and serves up Youtube videos masquerading as ‘geo-targeted’ advertising.

There is no mention of AdStations anywhere on the LocalAdClick.com website yet this is a core part of the business model for LocalAdClick members.

Furthermore the company will not show you their business model unless you surrender your name, email address and mobile phone number to them. Thankfully the website accepts bogus entries and you can still see their actual business model.

Speaking of business models, LocalAdClick pay members for watching Youtube videos they claim are commissioned ads on their network and for the recruitment of others.

Essentially the company takes in membership fees and then shuffles it around to pay out commissions to other members – the very definition of a pyramid scheme.

Whereas most of these types of companies don’t go to much effort to hide their models, LocalAdClick have built a fairly credible looking site if you just glanced at it before you rushed out to recruit others, but upon inspection it’s obvious it’s a front to cover the true nature of the business opportunity.

That is, pay a membership fee, recruit others, watch YouTube videos and earn money off other people’s membership fees.

Will LocalAdClick last?

Not a chance. Avoid this obvious scam at all costs as it’s as dodgy as they come.