imarketing-fasttrack-logoiMarketing FastTrack launched in February of 2015 and is headed up by Carl Bailey.

On the iMarketing FastTrack website, Bailey is credited as the Founder of the company and, as per the company’s domain registration, is believed to be operating out of the US state of Missouri.

carl-bailey-imarketing-fasttrackBack in 2013 Bailey (right) launched Instant Splash, which saw affiliates pay $9.95 a month to qualify to receive commissions when they recruited others who did the same.

In 2012 Bailey launched Banners and Bucks, which saw affiliates pay $29.95 to qualify for a $15 commission when they recruited new affiliates who did the same.

Both company’s appear to have stalled, which has likely prompted the launch of iMarketing FastTrack.

Read on for a full review of the iMarketing FastTrack.

The iMarketing FastTrack Product Line

iMarketing FastTrack has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market affiliate membership to the company itself ($25).

Bundled with iMarketing FastTrack affiliate membership is access to “over 1 gigabyte of PLR products”.

The iMarketing FastTrack Compensation Plan

The iMarketing FastTrack compensation plan sees affiliates pay $25 for five positions in the company’s compensation plan.

These positions are placed in a queue, with each advertised to “collect $5 from our next 340 passengers”.

Passengers of course being affiliates who join and also pay $25.

This is likely tracked via a matrix system, however affiliates are not privy to the specifics of how payments are tracked within the company.

Note that in order to qualify for commissions, all iMarketing FastTrack affiliates must recruit at least four affiliates.

Joining iMarketing FastTrack

Affiliate membership with iMarketing FastTrack is $25. Subsequent positions will require additional $25 payments to be made.


Your FastTrack Train has One Door on One Side…

You board, standing close to the door and collect fares from new passengers.

You keep one fare, and hand one to the right, one to the left, and one behind.

You are pushed further from the door each time somebody boards your train.

Passengers promoting actively, move closer to the door and grab fares faster.

Passengers remain aboard the train until they have each collected 340 fares!

iMarketing FastTrack offer participation in a relatively straight-forward $25 cash gifting scheme.

Using a “train fare” motif, iMarketing FastTrack affiliates pay $25 to buy into the scheme, which then qualifies them to receive gifting payments from “new passengers” (other affiliates who also buy in for $25).

This $25 gifting fee is split among existing affiliates (likely in increments of $5), with positions expiring upon generating $1700 (340 individual $5 payments).

Those who recruit the most new affiliates get pushed to the top of the queue, with everyone else left by the wayside.

The basic flow of money is $25 into iMarketing FastTrack and $1700 out.

Naturally that’s nowhere near sustainable, with the only people likely to get anywhere near that being Carl Bailey’s preloaded positions and that of his close buddies.

As with all gifting schemes, once recruitment dies down the matrix structure powering the system stalls. When that happens, anyone who hasn’t recouped their initial $25 spend (by design this is most participants) loses out.