grandrevshare-logoThere is no information on the GrandRevShare website specifically identifying who owns or runs the business.

On their website GrandRevShare claim the company is “owned by”, however there’s no ownership information on that website either.

Both the GrandRevShare and GrandClickers website domains however are owned by Mihkel Einaste. An address in Valencia, Spain is also provided.

The GrandClickers website contains links to three paid-to-click (PTC) opportunities, all of which Alexa estimate are on the decline traffic wise.

The collapse of his previous schemes has likely prompted Einaste to launch GrandRevShare.

Read on for a full review of the GrandRevShare MLM opportunity.

The GrandRevShare Product Line

GrandRevShare has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market GrandRevShare affiliate membership itself.

Once signed up, GrandRevShare affiliates can purchase $20 “adpacks” and participate in the attached MLM opportunity.

Bundled with each adpack purchase are a series of advertising credits, which can be used to display advertising on the GrandRevShare website.

The GrandRevShare Compensation Plan

The GrandRevShare compensation plan sees affiliates invest $20 on the promise of an advertised 118% ROI ($23.60).

Referral commissions are available on funds invested by recruited affiliates, paid out via a unilevel compensation structure.

A unilevel compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team, with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them (level 1):


If any level 1 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 2 of the original affiliate’s unilevel team.

If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 3 and so on and so forth down a theoretical infinite number of levels.

GrandRevShare cap payable unilevel levels at seven, with commissions paid out as a percentage of funds invested as follows:

  • level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) – 5%
  • level 2 – 2%
  • levels 3 to 7 – 1%

Joining GrandRevShare

Affiliate membership with GrandRevShare is tied to a minimum $20 adpack investment.


One aspect of GrandRevShare that sets it apart from the plethora of adcredit Ponzi schemes out there, is the claim revenue from “5 sites” will be shared.

Unfortunately these are the sites listed on GrandClickers (of which there are only four), which according to traffic analysis are all in decline.

Realistically the majority of funds paid out by GrandRevShare will be newly invested funds, making it a Ponzi scheme.

The bundled adcredits are neither here nor there, with the investment opportunity what is actually being marketed.

If adcredits were being sold, logically unused credits would attract a refund.

Instead, as per GrandRevShare’s refund policy;

All purchased services are non-refundable.

The reason GrandRevShare can’t offer refunds is because the moment new funds are invested, they are used to pay off existing investors.

As with all Ponzi schemes, once newly invested funds dry up GrandRevShare will be unable to meet its ROI obligations.

What happens then?

We remain the right to change our terms of service at any time without prior notice.

Mihkel Einaste changes the ROI rate to 0% and does a runner with your money.