CBM Global’s website provides no information about who owns or runs the business.

The CBM Global website domain (“cbmglobal.io”) was registered on April 4th, 2018.

Force International is listed as the domain owner, through an address in Antwerp, Belgium.

The CBM Global Terms and Conditions states that CBM Global is

owned by Force International CVBA.

Force International also operates under the following brand names:

CBM Global, TradeLand, MicroMaxCash, TradeUnity, Nexitrade, WhiteRavenFX, Brandologic, VAIOX, CherryFile, IrisCall, The People’s Web, Eticketbooker.

Websites are provided for each of these entities, however each website is dead traffic-wise (Alexa “unranked”).

Furthermore while some of the domains are aged, they all appear to have been acquired in mid 2018.

I picked three at random and found:

  • BrandLogic’s website domain registration was last updated on July 20th, 2018
  • Trade Unity’s website domain registration was last updated on August 30th, 2018
  • Micro Max Cash’s website domain registration was last updated on July 20th, 2018

This is presumably when whoever is Force International itself bought the domains.

Force International’s own website was initially registered in January, 2016. The domain registration was last updated on January 13th, 2019.

Force International’s website does list a management team, although something is off about each of Force Management’s listed executives.

They seem to exist in that they each have digital footprints (there are multiple photos of each person associated with various online profiles), but I can’t find anything concrete on the company itself.

Force International as a business is dead, its website has no traffic. Furthermore the website states Force International has something to do with telecommunications and business tools.

Force International is a young startup, taking its first big steps in the technology sector.

Force consists of different business units, embracing all kinds of industries.

Both internal and external projects are being worked out to the letter until they’re ready to conquer the market

CBM Global doesn’t feature on the site as a “product”, nor does it fit into the business description above.

There is definitely something weird going on here.

Read on for a full review of the CBM Global MLM opportunity.

CBM Global Products

CBM Global has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market CBM Global affiliate membership itself.

The CBM Global Compensation Plan

CBM Global affiliates invest in 50 EUR in positions, which purportedly derive a return through “forex cashback”.

Forex cashback is purportedly generated through Nautilus EA, an automated forex trading bot.

Each 50 EUR position invested in provides a CBM Global with licenses.

  • invest €50 to €350 EUR and receive licenses for €5 EUR each
  • invest €750 to €1550 EUR and receive licenses for €4.50 EUR each
  • invest €6350 EUR and receive licenses for €3.50 EUR each
  • invest €12,750 EUR or more and receive licenses for €3 EUR each

Licenses are tied to withdrawals. Without a license affiliate’s cant withdraw, and so new licenses must be eventually invested in.

Attached to this is a matrix system, which I believe is based on held licenses (i.e. a matrix position effectively costs €3 to €5 EUR each).

In a nutshell, new and existing affiliates invest and CBM Global pays existing affiliates with licenses/positions a ROI.

CBM Global do not disclose the matrix size they use to track ROI payments.

Joining CBM Global

CBM Global affiliate costs are not provided on the company’s website.

Minimum investment appears to be €50 EUR, with ongoing investment required for withdrawal eligibility.


CBM is definitely one of the stranger MLM opportunities I’ve researched.

Instead of just being honest and upfront about their matrix-based scheme, the company attempts to wow potential investors with waffle about “clustering”, fibonacci sequences and “cashback algorithms”.

Fibonacci is the basis for calculating the only irrational number in existence called Phi (1.61803398875..). Dig a little deeper, and you will discover that Phi is the basic frequency for all life on earth and matter in the universe.

So, it goes without saying, if you come up with growth patterns that don’t emulate nature, you are ‘going against the grain’.

CBM’s cashback matrix is perfectly modelled [sic] on the Fibonacci sequence.

It took us 4 years to create a software program efficient enough to cope with masive [sic] data. We don’t know any other company in the world that was capable of making it.

Ditto paying matrix cycler returns;

Whether on the fund, or managed account, your capital is traded with automated trading software.

It places trades and therefore generates volume expressed in “lots”.

For each round traded lot (when the trade is closed) a commission, or rebate in forex terms, is generated.

The CBM CashBack Matrix algorithm is a self-sustainable system that can provide an additional benefit, even if there would be only one customer, thanks to the Profit Overflow aspect.

All you really need to know is that “CBM” stands for “cashback matrix”, and through a matrix CBM Global are simply recycling newly invested funds to pay existing investors.

In an attempt to feign legitimacy, CBM Global provides a “legal compliance” section on their website.

Evidently the company is terrified of being investigated and shut down by US authorities.

The same section of the website provides supposed “why we are complaint” reasoning for every other country.

No matter which company you select, the “why compliant?” reasoning provided is the same.

CBM is a Product under management of the alternative investment platform Tradeland.

Associate Representative Asset Management Provided by ForexMan.

CBM & TL are Brand and Business Units of Force International.

This of course meaningless pseudo-compliance waffle.

Securities are regulated in most countries by a financial regulator. If CBM Global has not registered itself to do business with this regulator, they are operating illegally.

Listing three shell companies as evidence of compliance is… well it’s like me trying to convince you an orange is healthy because the sky is blue.

With respect to Nautilus EA forex trading, it’s all bullshit as far as I can tell.

MicroMaxCash, one of the other shell companies Force International supposedly owns, lists the following investment opportunities on their website:

  • Unity Max Child EA – invest €1000 EUR or more and receive a monthly ROI of up to 15%
  • Unity Max RA – invest €10,000 EUR or more and receive a monthly ROI of up to 6%

The Unity Max is an automated trading robot that uses the principles of a grid trading system on a swing type trading basis.

It has proven to be successful, not only in the 16 year back test results, but also in more than 2 years or live trading.

If the people behind Force International had a bot was generating returns of up to 15% a month for 16 years, they’d easily be the richest people on the planet by now.

Yet here we are.

CBM Global is just another attempt to sell the same forex trading Ponzi cycler scam to a new set of people.

Once affiliate recruitment and investment in €50 EUR Nautilus EA “licenses” dies off, CBM Global will be unable to meet its ROI obligations.

Being a matrix cycler, most of the funds will be transferred to the admins via preloaded admin positions.

CBM Global will also keep funds attached to stalled matrix positions when it collapses.

Other than a few early adopters, Ponzi math guarantees everyone else loses out.