A marketing video on the Best Easy Work website features Martin Ruiz, a “website owner” from “Deltona, Florida”.

The video is hosted on a YouTube channel bearing the name “Admin Support”, which features a number of similar Best Easy Work marketing videos.

The Best Easy Work website domain (“besteasywork.com”) was registered on July 8th, 2016. Martin Ruiz is listed as the owner, with an address in Deltona, Florida also provided.

Ruiz (right) appears to have been involved in a number of cash gifting schemes over the years. An extensive list (scroll down or page search “Ruiz”) was compiled over at Real Scam back in 2013.

Ruiz’s Facebook profile features dodgy ads like this dating back to 2010:

Hey EVERYONE, The Following Is A Completely FREE Program That Pays DAILY Income To Your PayPal.

You Can Post FREE Ads On Craigslist ALL Over The Country & Point Them To Your FREE Site.


Read on for a full review of the Best Easy Work MLM opportunity.

Best Easy Work Products

Best Easy Work has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Best Easy Work affiliate membership itself.

The Best Easy Works Compensation Plan

Best Easy affiliates sign up and pay fees. Commissions are paid when they recruit others who do the same.

In total there are ten tiers of fees Best Easy Works affiliates can receive commissions on:

  • Option 1 – $88
  • Option 2 – $188
  • Option 3 – $288
  • Option 4 – $500
  • Option 5 – $1000
  • Option 6 – $1500
  • Option 7 – $2000
  • Option 8 – $2500
  • Option 9 – $3500
  • Option 10 – $5000

To earn commissions at any option level, a Best Easy Works affiliate must first buy in at that level.

  • Option 1 – $50 commission
  • Option 2 – $120 commission
  • Option 3 – $200 commission
  • Option 4 – $350 commission
  • Option 5 – $750 commission
  • Option 6 – $1200 commission
  • Option 7 – $1600 commission
  • Option 8 – $2000 commission
  • Option 9 – $2900 commission
  • Option 10 – $4000 commission

Each option tier also pays an override, which is passed up to the first option tier qualified upline affiliate (tracked via a unilevel):

  • Option 1 – no override
  • Options 2 and 3 – qualified for a $30 override
  • Options 4 to 9 – qualified for a $50 override on Option 4 to 9 payments
  • Option 10 – qualified for a $100 override on Option 10 fee payments

Joining Best Easy Work

Best Easy Work affiliate membership requires buying in at one to ten membership fee tiers.

This pegs the cost of Best Easy Work affiliate membership at $88 to $16564.

There is also a free membership option however this only pays direct recruitment commissions (non-MLM).


A common theme with the opportunities Martin Ruiz promotes and operates is a lack of information provided upfront.

Best Easy Work is no exception, with the following copy used to promote the opportunity on the Best Easy Work website:

Help Wanted!

Now anyone can succeed! Earn big giving away free websites!

Totally automated, nothing is easier!

Freedom is your choice! Easy $500+ days!

The Best Easy Work website is basically an email capture page, with nothing about how revenue is generated disclosed.

The Best Easy Work business model pays affiliates to recruit affiliates and neither markets or sells anything to retail customers.

This makes Best Easy Work a pyramid scheme.

As with all pyramid schemes, once affiliate recruitment dies off Best Easy Work will collapse.

When that happens any affiliates who haven’t recruited enough to recoup their membership fee payments lose out.

Mathematically this will be the majority of Best Easy Work affiliates at any given time.