american-bill-money-logoAmerican Bill Money claim to have ‘completed ten years in business‘, with Paul Korzeniowski credited as company President on their website.

Paul-Korzeniowski-president-american-bill-moneyThe American Bill Money website domain (“”) was registered on the 9th of November 2001, with Korzeniowski (right) listed as the owner. A PO Box address in the US state of Virginia is also provided.

Despite claims of “31 years experience” on the American Bill Money website, whether or not Korzeniowski has been involved in other MLM opportunities over the years is unclear. MLM related information online only ties Korzeniowski to American Bill Money.

Read on for a full review of the American Bill Money MLM business opportunity.

The American Bill Money Product Line

American Bill Money has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market American Bill Money affiliate membership itself.

Bundled with American Bill Money affiliate membership are postcards, which are used to market the opportunity to prospective affiliates.

The American Bill Money Compensation Plan

The American Bill Money compensation plan sees affiliates pay $125 a month, with commissions paid out on the recruitment of new affiliates who do the same.

Direct Deluxe Qualification

Direct Deluxe qualification requires an affiliate to recruit one hundred fee-paying affiliates.

Once qualified, an affiliate is paid Direct Deluxe commissions from their one hundred and first recruited affiliate onwards.

Direct Recruitment Commissions

On recruitment of a new American Bill Money affiliate, the recruiting affiliate is paid $75.

This $75 is paid out regardless of whether the affiliate is Direct Deluxe qualified or not.

Residual Recruitment Commissions

A residual recruitment of $75 is then paid if the recruiting affiliate is Direct Deluxe qualified.

If an affiliate is not Direct Deluxe qualified, they receive $25 after the first month. $25 is paid to their upline (the affiliate who recruited them) and $25 to their upline’s upline.

Note that in order to qualify for residual commissions, at least one monthly fee-paying personally recruited affiliate must be maintained.

PrePaid Commissions

The cost of PrePaid American Bill Money affiliate membership is $1500 annually (12 months).

If an affiliate is Direct Deluxe qualified, each prepaid affiliate they recruit pays out a $900 commission.

If an affiliate is not Direct Deluxe qualified, they are paid $300. $300 is also paid to their upline (the affiliate who recruited them) and $300 to their upline’s upline.

Joining American Bill Money

American Bill Money affiliate membership is either $125 a month or $1500 annually.


We’ve come a long way since we started and we’ve paid out millions in commissions to our affiliates and it’s all in thanks to our monthly auto-ship program.

An auto-ship program is the only way to create real residual income, and nothing beats residual income except more of it

Postcard chain-recruitment, in 2015???

Seems hard to believe but that’s exactly what American Bill Money are offering.

The purported age of the scheme is testament to American Bill Money’s postcard centric marketing approach, which sees affiliates pay fees and get paid when they recruit others who do the same.

The postcards themselves are neither here nor there, serving only as a marketing tool to further affiliate recruitment.

With nothing being marketed to or sold to retail customers, this is a pyramid scheme in its simplest form.

As with all such schemes, once affiliate recruitment dies out so too will commissions paid out to American Bill Money affiliates.

Utilizing a three-level deep unilevel compensation structure, a collapse of one affiliate’s downline might not necessarily effect that of an other.

However over time once enough legs of the company-wide unilevel team slow down, American Bill Money as a whole will collapse.

$125 a month fee-paying affiliates will lose what they haven’t made back in fees, with $1500 prepaid affiliates likely to lose much more.