zingbizpro-logoI last reviewed the BizOppers MLM opportunity back in June this year, they were getting ready to wind up their ‘phase 1 beta launch’ and hadn’t really announced what they were doing after that.

Fast forward a few months later and it appears BizOppers are getting ready to launch ‘phase 2’ of their beta launch… whatever that is.

Despite BizOppers having its own compensation plan attached to it, the company has decided to launch a seperate marketing arm they’re calling ZingBizPro.

ZingBizPro has its own website, compensation plan and members, so today we’re going to review the ZingBizPro opportunity itself.

The Company

Founded by Verne Packer (photo right), ZingBizPro seems to be a combination of Packer’s previous companies. ZingBizPro appear to be offering some sort of hybrid mash-up of video tools and the BizOppers social network.

With BizOppers and ZingBizPro both in beta pre-launch or whatever they are callit for each opportunity, it’ll be interesting to see how these two companies tie together when they actually launch.

On the surface it would seem rather silly for Packer to try to make two social networks work running side by side when in the past he failed running just one (YourNight).

The ZingBizPro Product

Being a social network, there’s no actual product tied to the ZingBizPro opportunity other than the service itself. As such memberships are what is being sold through ZingBizPro.

There’s no way to use ZingBizPro’s services without paying and becoming a member.

As for the actual services being offered, ZingBizPro claim to provide members with access to

  • a Branded Personal Channel For Members
  • one-On-One Chat
  • open Chatrooms and Forums
  • video & Audio Chat
  • video Email
  • a High Quality Video/Audio Broadcasting System

Nothing groundbreaking but I guess bundled together the service could be of use to the internet marketer community.

The ZingBizPro Compensation Plan

In a similar vein to BizOppers, the ZingBizPro compensation plan revolves around a 5×5 forced matrix.

A 5×5 matrix is 5 levels deep and with you on the top, each arm branches out into five additional arms. As you fill your ZingBizPro matrix, it’ll start to look something like this;

With 3,905 member positions to fill on your matrix, the general idea is that you recruit people to ZingBizPro and fill your matrix. As you do this you are then paid a monthly commission based on the number of people in your matrix.

To qualify for monthly commissions, members must first recruit 5 new people to the ZingBizPro opportunity.

Upon recruiting five members, for each member on levels 1-4 of your matrix, you will earn a $1 monthly commission.

For each member on level 5 of your matrix (you’ll have 780 in your matrix at this stage), you earn $5.

All up you’re looking at a potential monthly income of $16,405.

Joining ZingBizPro

At this stage I’m not sure if there’s an initial joining fee, but membership to ZingBizPro has been announced at a flat $19.95 a month.


ZingBizPro seems to be a bit of a social departure from BizOppers and I’m almost tempted to say Verne Packer is experimenting with slightly different social network business models to see which works best initially, and then to concentrate solely on it.

Otherwise I’m at a bit of a loss to explain why Packer thinks it’s a good idea to run simultaneous social networks revolving around MLM business opportunities at the same time.

As a general rule of thumb I’m not a fan of social networks being combined with MLM as inevitably all you’re going to wind up with is a network full of people with vested financial interests.

In essence, you lose the social component of the network and it just becomes a big giant marketing party in which members pitch their various businesses to eachother.

ZingBizPro appears to be a bit less social than BizOppers and from the looks of it will focus more on the marketing side of things. Of course it will have a forum and allow members to interact with eachother but the primary features being touted are it’s marketing tools.

The cynic in me can’t help but question the value members are getting for $19.95 a month given that video marketing is nothing new and is readily available from multitudes of competitors.

And then of course there’s the compensation plan, which of course is nothing more than a massive recruitment game.

Granted the MLM opportunity is transparently paper thin, you’d want to hope that ZingBizPro’s service offering was groundbreaking but from what I can see it’s pretty underwhelming.

In conclusion I don’t really see the long term viability of ZingBizPro happening at all.