There is no information on the Zegolia website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Zegolia domain (“zegolia.com”) was registered on the 10th of February 2013, however the domain registration is set to private.

On the Zegolia blog a “Alexandre Ferrari” is credited as being a part of “Zegolia Marketing”.

Further research reveals that on the Zegolia domain, a banner for AdCashNetwork exists:


AdCashNetwork was a Ponzi scheme launched in 2009, with newsletters sent out by the company signed off on by a “Fred Richards” and “Lisa Bim” (also known as Lisa Ross).

Five months after launch, AdCashNetwork collapsed. Blaming “not enough sales” (new investments) as the reason, Bim/Ross sent out the following email to AdCashNetwork members:

Dear ACN members,

We wish to notify our members that since the last few weeks, ACN has not been generating enough sales and as such we are not having enough funds to do rebate payout .

This week, their will be no rebate payouts. Hopefully, the things will improve and we should be able to pay rebates the next few weeks.



ACN Team

Five days later the AdCashNetwork website was pulled offline and the admin(s) disappeared.

Now two and a half years later, the admin(s) of AdCashNetwork appear to be back again with Zegolia. Read on for a full review.

The Zegolia Product Line

Zegolia has no retailable products or services, affiliates join the company (at no charge) and then invest money with the company.

Bundled with each Zegolia investment are a series of advertising credits, which can be used by affiliates to advertise on the Zegolia website.

The Zegolia Compensation Plan

Affiliates join Zegolia at no charge and are then able to invest money with the company in $5 lots.

For each $5 investment made with them, Zegolia guarantee a 200% ROI. Zegolia claim this ROI will be paid out at a rate of ‘7% weekly to up to 14% weekly‘.

Referral commissions are also offered on investments:

  • free members are paid 5% of any money invested by their direct recruits
  • Paid members are paid 8% on any money invested by their direct recruits and 4% on their level 2 and 3 downlines (affiliates recruited by their direct recruits and their recruits)

In order to be paid a weekly ROI, free affiliates must visit 100 websites provided by a Zegolia website rotator. Paid affiliates must visit 30 of these sites.

Joining Zegolia

Affiliate membership to Zegolia is free.

Free affiliates are given $5 to invest in by the company but only earn referral commissions on their direct recruits.

Paid affiliates must invest a minimum of $5 of new money into the scheme.


Zegolia has all the hallmarks of a Ponzi scheme with the company claiming to be a ‘100% legal cash back advertising network‘.

There’s the claim that it’s a “passive investment”:


The way Zegolia describe their commissions structure:

We do not pay a fixed earning. We share what we make from advertising sales to members with effective ad packs.

And of course the Zegolia “no refunds” refund policy:

Once an advertising package payment is received, your account is automatically marked paid and commissions are paid to your upline.

Due to these processes happening automatically that can not be reversed. NO REFUNDS CAN OR WILL BE GIVEN.

Under the guise of selling advertising, all that’s happening here is the shuffling around of newly invested money amongst existing investors.

AdCashNetwork collapsed around five months after launch and I’d be surprised if the same didn’t happen with Zegolia.

Taken from the Zegolia “how it works” page:

When new investments sales are high, you earn more, when new investments sales are low you earn less.

And unfortunately when new investments sales dry up as they did with AdCashNetwork, the admin closes up shop and does a runner with your money.