zeekrewardsThe battle between Zeek victims and those who stole $1000 or more from them inches closer to resolution, following a proposal to appoint legal counsel.

If approved, Zeek Rewards $1000 or more in winnings net-winner class will be represented by Kevin Edmunson. Edmunson was representing Aaron and Shara Andrews, Rhonda Gates and Innovation Marketing LLC – all Zeek Rewards net-winners.

Part of proposed consent order to appoint class counsel will see Zeek Rewards victims foot a $35,000 legal bill, as previously ordered by the court.

Money that would obviously be better spent going to the victims themselves, but a relatively small price to pay given the amount owed should Zeek’s net-winners lose in court.

And given everything else that’s happened in the Zeek Receiver cases thus far, that  looks to be the inevitable conclusion we’re slowly heading towards.

Even then, it’s still not too late for net-winners to reach a settlement with the Receiver.

As noted in the proposed consent order:

Not withstanding the appointment of class counsel, members of the Net Winner Class and the Receiver are still permitted to discuss a potential settlement of the Receiver’s claims against them even though they have become members of the Net Winner Class.

The order now sits before Judge Mullen awaiting approval.


Footnote: Our thanks to Don@ASDUpdates for providing a copy of the August 24th Proposed Consent Order.


Update 15th September 2015 – The proposed consent order was signed by Judge Mullen on the 14th of September. Kevin Edmunson is now representing all $1000 or more Zeek net-winners going forward.