zeekrewardsIt’s almost unfathomable, that the top net-winners in a global $800M Ponzi scheme would dare to ask for more – but here we are.

In a last-ditch attempt to intimidate the Receivership charged with recovering the money they stole, Jerry Napier, Darren Miller and Trudy Gilmond are collectively demanding the Receivership pay them $947,000.

The trio, who are represented by the law firm Nexsen Pruett, have filed counterclaims against the Receiver alleging a breach of contract.

Napier, Miller and Gilmond contend that they “completely performed all of their responsibilities and obligations to RVG under the contract”. That contract in question being the investment of money and then advertised ROI Zeek promised them.

Effectively arguing that there is nothing Ponzi-like about hoarding virtual bids that nobody uses to cover the transfer of money from new investors to those who have already invested, the trio, reasoning that the Receivership is now “standing in the shoes of RVG”, is responsible for a breach of contract.

Trudy Gilmond withdrew over $1.75 million and is demanding that a further $140,000 of stolen funds be paid out to her. Darren Miller withdrew $1.6 million and is asking for a further $113,000. Jerry Napier withdrew $1.7 million and wants another $140,000.

All three defendants have additionally asked for interest on the payments and that their legal costs be covered.

The counter-claims were filed in respective amended answers to the Receivership filing clawback litigation against the trio. The response itself is full of the denials and “I don’t know” answers we’ve come to expect from those who inhabit the MLM underbelly, but the counterclaims ratchet up the evidently nefarious attitude Napier, Gilmond and Miller are towards the proceedings considerably.

One would hope when the dust settles and they are ordered to pay back what they stole, that the Judge remembers that not only did they collectively steal millions of dollars from their victims, that these were the three who then had the gall to demand they be paid even more.

Unbelievable doesn’t even begin to cut it…


Footnote: Our thanks to Don @ ASDUpdates for providing a copy of Gilmond, Napier and Miller’s counter-claim responses.