zeekrewardsBeen getting the odd comment from people a bit lost over there Zeek Rewards claim. I typically tell them to get in contact with the Receivership but that doesn’t really help when the Receivership apparently isn’t responding to every email sent in.

Well, good news for affiliate victims stuck in this situation.

In an update published November 25th, the Receivership writes

Today, new features were added to the claim status portal in response to issues that have arisen in the distribution process.

These updates allow for a claimant who is eligible to receive a distribution to be able to check the status of that distribution by logging on to the claim status portal.

In addition to claim status, that portal will now provide those affiliates who are eligible to receive a distribution with: the date on which his/her distribution check was issued; the amount of the distribution check; whether the distribution check has been cashed; and whether the distribution check was returned to us as undeliverable.

Second, if your check was returned to us, lost, destroyed, or your check was issued in the wrong name (for example, if you inadvertently provided your Zeek username instead of your real name when you provided your payment information), you will now be able to request a new check be issued to you in the proper name.

With these improvements to the claims status portal we will no longer respond to emails and calls that request the status of a claim that can otherwise be answered by logging into the claim portal and checking on the status of your claim.

We hope that these updates will address many of the issues you have been asking us about.

Hopefully this will clarify the status of the claims of affiliates who haven’t heard anything from the Receivership since lodging it.

If the volume of requests for information we’ve seen here is any indication, it’s likely they were bogged down and probably won’t get around to eventually replying to queries already sent.

The claims portal can be accessed over at the Zeek Receivership website (November 25th update).